d'Good Cafe - Quiet Ambience With Good Coffee

d'Good Cafe
Ngee Ann City

It was a chillax afternoon after a bout of shopping. There was not much choice around the area as  the nearby cafes were either the run-of-the-mill mass chains or gourmet cafe-bakery outlets full of hotdesking yuppies. It was time to try out some lesser known cafe.

Stepping into d'Good felt like a visit to Terminal 21 in Bangkok. The interior of the cafe had huge London Tube stations signs with a Singapore flavour.The cafe staff were youngish, most looked like students on vacation, and were really hip with trendy tattoos, purple hair and studs.

Flat Whites and Cafe Lattes were priced similarly at an affordable S$5. Unlike the usual Cafe Latte, the Cafe Latte here was served in a coffee cup instead of a glass. The latte art was one of the most beautiful swans Merlion Wayfarer had ever seen. With an artistic "2" for the head and neck, the swan was adorned by delicate swirls for its wings and bold elaborate swishes for its spread of lavish tail feathers.

The coffee was thick and aromatic with low acidity and a mild nutty chocolate aftertaste. The milk used was creamy with the tinge of sweetness heightened by the light foam atop. Added together, it created a smooth finish that's easy on the palate.

A minor brickbat about the misleading pricing - Even though the big print of the cashier screen showed the price of the coffee at S$5, the prices were totalled up with GST and service charge only in the printed receipt.