Colours, Sights & Patterns At Kampong Glam

In the 19th century, Kampong Glam was essentially an ethnic district with a strong Malay-Arab influence. It was a place where locals patronized for their Arab-Muslim traditional foodstuff and merchandise...

Immersive 4K HDR Viewing Experience With Sony Projectors

Sony’s latest innovative laser light source projector is High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible with native 4K resolution, creating an amazling clear lifelike experience, as if you are there yourself…

Back 30 Years To Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre

Iconic along this stretch of road is the rectangular block of a nondescript beige-tiled building. The facade of this building is blocked by an overhead bridge. And this is the front entrance to a shopping centre - the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre… (USSC).

Monti - Singapore's Longest Brunch Every Sunday

Enjoy brunch by the bay concept, complete with stunning views of the Marina Bay and its surroundings, and a fabulous menu and music programme to match at Monti…

Where Freemasons Convene

In 1886, the Masonic Club was established to support Singapore freemasonry. Guess who was the first Freemason in modern Singapore?

Artbox Singapore Is Back At The Bayfront Event Space

Singapore’s largest pop-up creative market, Artbox Singapore, is back for its second edition, bigger and better than before. This year’s theme is // Oasis // - representing an annual urban escape from cityscape into a sanctuary of experiential imagination. It will be held across two weekends from 25-27 May 2018 and 01-03 June 2018, located at the Bayfront Event Space, next to Marina Bay Sands - The Shoppes. Artbox Singapore 2018 will spread across the Bayfront Event Space of over 140,000 square feet, nearly three times bigger than last year’s event, with 400 regional and local creative retailers and partners.

Highlights include:
  • Massive entrance archway and media viewing deck constructed from Artbox’s iconic 20-foot shipping containers
  • Over 20 (mix of 20-foot and 40-foot) shipping containers to be re-purposed for event usage including an exclusive Artbox Singapore merchandise shop
  • Quintessential Artbox elements such as stunning fairy lights spanning across 6 km, with an official light up on 25 May, 7 pm
  • More than 400 booths of beauty, fashion, food and art from regional vendors and partners including new vendors Thai designers Porky Studio, Moonset and Nokkajib, as well as Singaporean brands such as Cereal Citizen
  • Creative art installations crafted on Artbox’s unique shipping containers

Infused with local elements from Bangkok’s highly acclaimed art-ivity container marketplace, Artbox Singapore 2018 is organised by Invade ( in conjunction with Artbox Thailand (@artbox_th). For more details, visit

KaHa - COVE Technology Experience Walkthrough

KaHa, a Singapore-based end-to-end smart wearable IoT platform company, recently showcased its wide range of consumer products and features at the first COVE Technology Experience Walkthrough in Singapore at JTC Launchpad, an immersive exhibition space constructed to provide first-hand experience of KaHa’s smart wearable platform and products.

“We are at an inflection point with regard to how IoT and wearable technology i changing how we interact and go about our daily lives, and KaHa’s technology is taking advantage of this disruption. KaHa has demonstrated the demand of such technology through its various local and international partnerships."
--- Chirayu Wadke, partner at SeedPlus ---

KaHa’s consumer solutions were created using its unique operating system inbuilt with Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning solutions, and designed with a range of consumer verticals in mind: Safety, Sports & Fitness, Health & Wellness, Convenience, Lifestyle, and Special Needs.

Through inbuilt AI and machine learning algorithms, KaHa smart wearables provide innovative consumer use cases and exciting user experiences, with the goal of personalizing and improving the
user’s everyday journey. Highlights include:

Virtual Runs - where users are able to run “anywhere” in the world for an immersive experience...

With the use of a Virtual Reality (VR) headset or large-screen TV, KaHa creates a realistic immersive running experience for users, including syncing the footage speed to the user’s pace for realism. Filmed footages of run trails, which can be forest paths or urban cities, can be uploaded and shared to increase the fun factor when compared with  conventional treadmill running.

Play on Pace technology incorporates smart wearable technology to track users’ running pace and synchronizes with their workout music to keep them motivated. Additional modes include pre-programming different paces and distances for training, and setting the music to stop to alert users when they are going out of pace.

Users can form a trusted Safety Network of friends, family and other social contacts and adding in  Guardians’ contacts, to enjoy a wide network of safety contacts, increasing the possibility of nearby help at any time. KaHa’s safety interface allows Guardians to easily spot and alert their own contacts nearest to the user for help during emergencies.

Digital Payment – “on-demand” payment features built with security in mind...

KaHa’s smart payment solution is built on-demand, where the user confirms payment after receiving the payment request e.g. by providing their phone number. The user receives the prompt on their wearable, and confirms the payment for security measures.

Stress Management - Through AI and deep pattern matching algorithm, the user’s lifestyle patterns and bio-data such as their metabolism are paired with the wearable’s stress alert features, helping the user be more aware of their wellness, e.g. to detect periods of heightened stress with guides for breathing exercises to regain their composure.

Smart Home - AI-based identification algorithms and proximity algorithms learn and automate the smart home experience without any input from the user itself...

Deploying AI-based identification algorithms to identify the homeowner and their wearable devices and combined with geo-location/proximity algorithms, KaHa personalizes one’s abode by learning and automating various living conditions such as air conditioning, lighting, favourite TV and radio channels. The same technology helps conserve power and energy when the homeowner is not present.

Hybrid smart watches and jewellery which brings together the best of traditional watches with hidden digital functionality...

"We use technology to help consumers in their everyday lives, and ultimately redefine the consumer experience and journey. Our AI and Machine Learning-led products will make wearables truly smart,
provide personalized experience, and are easily adopted by fashion and luxury brands to suit their consumers’ tastes."
--- Pawan Gandhi, CEO and founder of KaHa ---

For more information, please visit

Swiss Butchery - BBQ Dry Aged Meat Paired With A Corney & Barrow

Dry-aging meat is a technique that allows the natural enzymes present to break down the fats, protein and muscle tissues, resulting in improved depth of flavour and texture of meat. In Singapore, the technique of dry-aging beef has been catching on in recent years. Swiss Butchery Tanglin is one of the pioneering grocers to retail the dry-aged beef, a free service provided with any purchase of their wide inhouse meat range. 

Red meat can best paired with red wines like Corney & Barrow's Domaine de L'Aurage, with the Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon grape varietals from Bordeaux, France. Complex with primary fruit coulis and cooked fruit conserve, its powerful rich taste echoes the aromatics of spice and truffle. The Corney & Barrow range is available at Swiss Butchery Tanglin and Swiss Butchery Greenwood.

Introducing CasusGrill, a new product retailing at Swiss Butchery...

CasusGrill is made from a bamboo-based product lined with lava stone that both retains heat and reduces the risk of burns. This invention is so incredible that this whole grill can be contained within a cardboard box...

Requiring only a single lighted coil to build, the grill is ready to use in only five minutes and retains its heat for more than 60 minutes...

See how magical the light-up process is...

It creates a high, even temperature that ensures food is properly grilled, with a delicious, crispy BBQ finish. Minimal smoke is generated with this environmentally-friendly product...

For more information on the above products, visit

Bill Bailey Live in Asia Tour 2018

Comedian musician Bill Bailey is delighted to announce his brand new Live in Asia Tour 2018 on the 14th of April at Shanghai Dolly, Clarke Quay as part of the Magners International Comedy Festival. Kicking off his Asia Tour in Ho Chi Minh, followed by Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Shanghai with his last stop in Singapore, Bill Bailey Live in Asia 2018, an ever-evolving show will feature new material gathered from his tours and encounters over the last year.

Bill Bailey Live in Asia Tour 2018 is a compendium of travellers’ tales and the general shenanigans of twenty years as a travelling comedian. With brand new material interlaced with Bill Bailey’s signature musical virtuosity, surreal tangents and trademark intelligence, Bill bailey tackles politics, philosophy and the pursuit of happiness.

Bill Bailey has enjoyed success on the live stage for many years. He had previously toured Limboland and Larks in Transit in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, enjoying packed houses and the critics raving.

Bill Bailey is currently filming a comedy drama called ‘In the Long Run’ created by Idris Elba for Sky and developing new ideas for TV under his own company Glassbox Productions. He also recently walked 100 miles with his closest pals from Bedfordshire to Wiltshire in memory of his mother and in support of Stand Up To Cancer charity foundation.

Bill Bailey Live in Asia Tour is brought to you by Magic Rock Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company that organizes key entertainment events in the region.

Tickets for Bill Bailey Live in Asia Tour 2018 is available through

Annyeonghaseyo With Domino’s Pizza’s Daebak Spicy Menu

Inspired by Korean flavour profiles well loved by Singapore, the Daebak Spicy menu features three pizza varieties (beef, chicken and tuna) and the new Daebak Spicy Wings - all made with a Daebak spicy sauce that blends with sweet, garlicky, and umami flavour profiles to complement the different meats on each pizza.

Start off the meal with the Awesome Foursome comprising of Cheesy Mozarella Stix, Mino Cinnadots, Crazy Chicken Crunchies, and Golden Roasted Drummets...

Daebak Spicy Tuna Pizza - Generous tuna chunks heaped on a warm bed of cheese, coupled with Daebak Spicy Sauce, juicy cherry tomatoes, onion slices and dried parsley, drizzled on top with a luscious, creamy onion sauce..

Daebak Spicy Chicken Pizza - Inspired by the popular Korean Fried Chicken, roasted chicken slices combined with Daebak Spicy Sauce and topped with green peppers, sliced onions, dried parsley and cheese...

Daebak Spicy Beef Pizza - Topped with marinated beef slices, chopped cherry tomatoes, mushroom slices, dried parsley and sesame seeds, and flavoured with Daebak Spicy Sauce...

Can’t get enough of the Daebak Spicy Sauce? Complete the meal with the new Daebak Spicy Wings inspired by the well-loved Korean fried chicken. Juicy drumlets and midjoints are baked to perfection and then generously coated with the Daebak spicy sauce and garnished with aromatic roasted sesame seeds and dried parsley.

End the meal with the drooling Chocolate Lava Cake...

Domino’s Daebak menu is available from 19 March 2018 for a limited time only in all restaurants and via delivery. Call Domino’s at 6222-6333 or log on to its website at to place their orders today.

Bata's XoRise Genesis - Improved Performance With 25% More Rebound

Bringing speed and energy to the next level, the desire of reaching new heights will no longer be unattainable, with Bata XoRise Genesis’ improved technology offering 25% more bounce than regular pEVA. Inspired by cellular growth and genome sequencing imagery, the XoRise looks as state-of-the-art as it feels. With increased support from a wrap-around tongue construction and extra-padded collar, the woven jacquard outer layer makes XoRise more protective and supportive; yet ultra-flexible, breathable, and weightless.

Perfect for walking, running, or cross-training, the XoRise Genesis consist of three core benefits including 25% more rebound, midsole cushioning system to dissipate heel-strike impact and spring back, and a resilient full-piece rubber outsole ensuring superior traction and durability.

  • 25% MORE REBOUND: High-rebound XoRise new energy-return cushioning compound is more responsive than a regular pEVA midsole, bouncing back with every step you take.


  • ENERGY RETURN: Midsole cushions impact forces and actively springs back

  • RESILIENT & TRACTION: Retains cushioning for a longer shoe lifespan than regular pEVA, including a full-piece rubber outsole ensuring superior traction and durability

Additional features of the XoRise Genesis include:

  • Cushioning technology
  • Recessed geometric shapes in the midsole reduce weight
  • Midsole material displaces into cavities to redistribute impact forces

  • Deep, full-length grooves in the outsole provide transversal flexibility
  • Lateral grooves bend with the natural motion of your feet

  • Engineered to improve traction in any direction
  • Full-piece 4-5 mm rubber outsole for long-wearing maximum durability
  • Excellent traction yet non-marking

Together, the additional features provide a form-fitting support for those on-the-move, preventing discomfort and injury while maintaining its comfort, style and durability for a lively running experience from start to finish.

For individuals yearning a technologically-advanced sporting gear with superior quality, the XoRise Genesis shoes’ enduring performance will heighten your fitness routine. The XoRise will be available at all Bata stores from March 2018, and will retail at $49.95. For more information, visit

ParkRoyal Kitchener - Bountiful Spring Culinary Spread Enriched With Treasured Premium Ingredients

This Chinese New Year, PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road’s signature restaurants - Spice Brasserie and Si Chuan Dou Hua - will tempt diners with a bountiful selection of culinary favourites enriched with the Spring season’s most treasured premium ingredients.

Leap into the Lunar New Year with heaps of auspicious feasting at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, as Spice Brasserie presents a buffet line-up of festive local and Peranakan dishes, whilst our signature Si Chuan Dou Hua fine Chinese cuisine restaurant invites diners to lap up delicious Springtime delicacies composed into mouth-watering set menus.

Auspicious Seafood Fare at Spice Brasserie

At Spice Brasserie, the arrival of spring heralds a celebratory buffet spread of beloved Nonya fare such as Live Prawn Assam Pedas, Steamed Seabass Fillet with Nonya Sauce and Peranakan Chicken Buah Keluak. These are served up alongside the restaurant’s hallmark seafood dishes including Spring Onion Steamed Crab, Crispy Fried Sotong with Sweet & Spicy Tamarind Sauce, Crispy Oyster with Teriyaki and Limpet Abalone Congee. Fans of Spice Brasserie’s popular seafood buffet will also be delighted with the Chinese New Year buffet’s live-station offerings that will include freshly-cooked Pumpkin Cuba Lobster simmered in a hot claypot.

Diners booked-in for dinner on 15, 16 and 17 February, priced at $88++, will also be endowed with a Lucky Fortune Set comprising five prosperity-enhancing platters (one set per table). Beginning with the ever-auspicious Salmon Yu Sheng, this tempting set further includes festive specialties brimming with premium delicacies: Braised Abalone with Duck Feet, Braised Sea Cucumber with Roast Pork, Baked Sea Scallop with Mushroom Cheese and Peranakan-style Nanas Lemak Cuba Lobster.

Spice Brasserie’s Chinese New Year buffet showcase is available for lunch and dinner, from 15 to 22 February. Prices start from $58++ per adult, 15% savings applies to payments made with Citibank, DBS, Standard Chartered and UOB credit cards. 


Chinese New Year Buffet Lunch
16 and 17 February 2018                       Adult $68          Child $34
18 to 22 February 2018                          Adult $58          Child $29

Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner
15, 16 and 17 February 2018*                Adult $88          Child $44
18 to 22 February 2018                          Adult $68          Child $34

*Diners enjoy one-time serving of Lucky Fortune Set per table, consisting of Braised Abalone with Duck Feet, Braised Sea Cucumber with Roast Pork, Baked Sea Scallop with Mushroom Cheese, Nanas Lemak Lobster and Salmon Yusheng, as well as free flow of soft drinks.

Click here for more information. For reservations, call 6428-3160 or email