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Okada Coffee Japan - The Romance Of A Loving Couple

The career of Hide Okada the professional chef and coffee roaster began 30 years ago. A culinary school graduate majoring in Chinese cuisine, he started teaching soon after his graduation.

Kae was a junior in the same cooking school. A hardworking and serious young lady, she took some time to get used to the male-dominated culinary environment, and was never moved by any of Hide's jokes. She continued in her quiet hardworking way and was always kind to others. Hide fell in love with her, and successfully courted her to marriage.

After their marriage, they did not work in the culinary industry. They persisted for more than ten years in their jobs before Kae's health was overwhelmed by the terrible stress they felt. At this point, they both realized that there was more life than high salaries - Physical and mental health mattered more.

Without the presence of his wife and life companion by his side, Hide knew that he had to do something for her. He was desperate to seek any solution that could help Kae. Eventually he came to know about the ability of fresh coffee fragrance to stabilize women's emotions.

A regular coffee drinker, he would normally look for places to buy fresh coffee beans. But now, he was inspired by his own cooking background. After all, there can be no fresher beans that the ones you roast yourself, he thought.

Coffee beans handpicked to ensure their premium quality and freshness...

Although an expert in Chinese cuisine, he was still a layman in coffee roasting. He thought hard about how to begin and bought a simple coffee roaster, trying out roasting methods using his gas stove at home. Many incidents occurred which left a terrible smell and mess in the kitchen. Undaunted, Hide continued his roasting trials in his garage using a portable burner stove. Determined to make the perfect cup for Kae, he finally succeeded with his culinary experience and ongoing persistence.

Determination and mastery at work...

Nevertheless, Kae still preferred tea. She disliked the bitter aftertaste of regular coffee, and refused to touch Hide's painstakingly-roasted beans. This made Hide start sharing some leftover roasts with his family and friends. They loved his fragrant roasts so much that they were willing to pay for more of them. Hide then made up his mind to leave his torturous job and make his living selling coffee. He found an old store in his own town, and opened his own coffee joint, selling his beloved roasts side by side with his wife.

Seven years have since passed.

At times, Kae was so seriously ill that Hide had to man the store alone. But he persevered. Eventually, his store became famous in the region with his aromatic coffee, served with homemade dishes and delicious desserts made with love by the couple.

The regular coffee served by Hide is no longer "regular" but a special brew roasted with love and served with warmth. Kae started to recover, and fell in love with the coffee made with her husband's full heart. It is this special coffee that changed the life of two ordinary people and their love.

And today, they are here to serve their special brew to Singaporeans at the Food Japan Asia, so that we can enjoy their fragrant brew from our sunny island of Singapore.

Roasts available:

Even when prepared from a makeshift booth at Food Japan 2018, Okada's brews were smooth with light fruity overtones and low acidity. The fragrant aroma entices one to take yet another sip to savour the silky smooth viscosity of the intense flavour.

Coffee taste guide:

Here's how to order: