EmTech Asia - Conversations With NASA

The fourth edition of EmTech Asia opened today with a series of exciting sessions on enterprise technology, cybersecurity, new materials, virtual reality and augmented life. 

For the first time in Singapore, EmTech Asia also hosted its very first Conversations panel at the ArtScience Museum with Dr Dava Newman, Deputy Administrator, NASA and Dr David Oh, Project Systems Engineer & Former Lead Flight Director, Curiosity Mars Rover, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). They shared insights on NASA’s mission to Mars and how the scientific explorations of the JPL missions have changed our understanding of the solar system. Dr Newman and Dr Oh also discussed the impact of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAMd) education and NASA’s newest Discovery Mission: Psyche, Journey to a Metal World will reach new frontiers.

The talk sparked a lot of interesting questions from many students who attended the talk with their schools. Among some of the curious questions asked were, "Is it possible to send a spacecraft to another galaxy?" and "When can we travel to Venus?".

EmTech Asia is held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 14-15 February 2017. For more details, visit the website at EmTechAsia.com