Colours, Sights & Patterns At Kampong Glam

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Immersive 4K HDR Viewing Experience With Sony Projectors

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Iconic along this stretch of road is the rectangular block of a nondescript beige-tiled building. The facade of this building is blocked by an overhead bridge. And this is the front entrance to a shopping centre - the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre… (USSC).

Monti - Singapore's Longest Brunch Every Sunday

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Where Freemasons Convene

In 1886, the Masonic Club was established to support Singapore freemasonry. Guess who was the first Freemason in modern Singapore?

Expedia Study - Parents with Kids Emerge as Top Staycationers in Singapore

7 in 10 parents with kids have gone on at least one staycation in the past year, with the school holiday months of June and December being the most popular staycation periods in Singapore

It’s a well-known fact that Singaporeans love to travel, but do they also enjoy being tourists in their own backyard? Brand Expedia today released findings from the 2018 Singapore Staycation Study, which revealed that Singaporeans are also avid staycationers. In fact, 6 in 10 Singaporeans have gone on at least one staycation in the past 12 months, with Singaporeans averaging 2.4 staycations over the past year, just slightly less than the 3 personal overseas flights they take in a year.

“Over the years, staycations have been growing in popularity among Singaporeans. Not only does this underscore the growing appeal of Singaporeans being tourists in their own backyard, staycations have also become quick and easy alternatives for Singaporeans to take a short break without the need for detailed planning or extensive travelling.” 
--- Simon Fiquet, MD Global Series Markets, Brand Expedia ---

With Singaporeans being such avid staycationers, the 2018 Singapore Staycation Study also looked at

the staycation motivations and behaviours of over 500 Singaporeans aged 21 and above, and uncovered key insights into their attitudes and preferences when making staycation choices.


Comparing the staycation habits across various demographic groups - including single adults, adults who are married without kids, and parents with kids - Singaporeans who are married with kids emerged as the top staycationers in Singapore, with 68% of them having gone on a staycation in the past 12 months. This was followed by those who are married with no kids (66%)* and the singles (58%).

Corresponding to this trend, the months of June and December also came up tops as the most popular staycation periods. 41% of staycationers go on a staycation in December, 32% in June, 18% in November and 17% in March. In addition, 70% of staycationers who are married with kids typically go on a staycation in the school holiday months of June, November and December.

“As a parent of three, it's not easy to find time and energy to bring my family on a vacation. Going on a staycation not only can be a quick and easy alternative for a family vacation, it can be a quick break away from the kids for some couple time as well.” 
--- Michelle Hon, Author and Founder of The Chill Mom ---

Besides being the most avid group of staycationers, the discretionary spending among those married with kids is also one of the highest amongst groups, with spending on staycations averaging S$238 a night, second only to those who are married without kids. Additionally, 45% of those who are married with kids stayed 3-4 nights on their last booked staycation and 68% of them went with 3 or more people on their last staycation.


With its family-friendly facilities, proximity to tourist attractions, and easy access to complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast, it came as no surprise that hotels are the preferred staycation option among Singaporeans.

74% of staycationers booked a hotel for their staycation in the past 12 months. Among this group, 54% of staycationers who booked a hotel for their last staycation chose a four-star hotel, while 33% opted for a five-star hotel.

Comfortable queen/king-sized beds with down pillow options...

Most intriguingly, parents with kids stood out from the crowd with their preference for hotels, especially for five-star hotels. 9 in 10 (89%) staycationers who are married with kids booked a hotel for their last staycation. Out of that, 39% of staycationers who are married with kids chose a five-star hotel, even though slightly more than one in two (55%) chose a four-star hotel.

Kids-friendly facilities in Shangri-La Hotel include complimentary loan of family necessities, play area for kids, activity rooms for the family...

“Hotels are set up to take care of one’s every need and coming for a staycation is almost like spoiling
yourself without the hassle of travel. Set on 15 hectares of gardens, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore offers families a range of memorable experiences making them feel like they are literally in a resort off Orchard Road. In line with the study conducted by Brand Expedia this year, we have also seen more families stay with us after launching Buds by Shangri-La alongside our Themed Family Suites.” 
--- Bipan Kapur, General Manager, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore ---

There are also themed rooms in Shangri-La - This is the space-themed one to encourage little explorers on their lunar mission...

In terms of the activities that staycationers engage in, making use of hotel facilities, visiting nearby attractions, dining in, going shopping and watching movies emerged as the five most popular activities among the respondents. 70% of staycationers said they made use of the hotel facilities, 62% visited nearby attractions and 56% dined in during their last staycation – further highlighting the importance of hotel facilities, proximity to local attractions and dining options in attracting Singapore staycationers.


With seven in 10 (66%) of Singaporeans likely to book a staycation in the next 12 months, the study also uncovered insights into the key motivational factors for booking an upcoming staycation. When asked about the consideration factors for selecting an accommodation for a staycation, 33% of Singaporeans indicated free breakfast as their top consideration, followed by 31% who indicated great deals and 29% who indicated convenience of locations.

However, among those who are married without kids, complimentary upgrades emerged as the top consideration factor when selecting an accommodation for a staycation. This reflects the tendency for this group of staycationers to prefer pampering experiences over convenience and cost savings, as compared to single staycationers, who displayed clear preferences for free breakfast and great deals.
Among Singaporeans who are married with kids, 32% indicated free breakfast and convenient locations as their top two considerations.

“With the insights gathered from the 2018 Singapore Staycation Study, we hope that this will help our
partners deliver better staycation offerings, and our customers to score great deals on their next staycation.”
--- Simon Fiquet, MD Global Series Markets, Brand Expedia ---


Looking at the staycation booking methods used by Singaporeans, almost all staycationers booked their stays online. 53% of staycationers booked their hotel accommodation from online travel agencies such as Expedia and 45% booked with the hotel websites directly.

When asked about the factors that led to their choice of booking platform, 54% of staycationers who booked their accommodation from online travel agencies chose their booking platform because of brand reliability, 51% because of price and 46% because of the great deals. In addition, 74% of Singaporeans who have not gone on a staycation in the past 12 months said that price promotions would motivate/attract them to book a staycation in the future.

At Brand Expedia, we offer a wide range of accommodation options and deals to our customers to ensure that they get the best prices when they book their staycations with us. With daily deals, flash deals and filter options that bring users straight to the options that fit their needs, booking your dream staycation can now be really quick and fuss-free.”
--- Simon Fiquet, MD Global Series Markets, Brand Expedia ---

DBS's Recycle More Waste Less

Each year, Singaporeans use

From August to October 2018, pledge your commitment to #RecyclemoreWasteless at these participating locations.

Stand a chance to win a 3D2N eco-friendly resort stay at Siloso Beach Resort by DBS for the best entry for each of the months of August, September and October 2018. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Japan Summer Festival - Enjoy Matsuri The Active Way

A feast for the senses awaits visitors at the biggest Japan Summer Festival. This is held in conjunction with the 10th edition of the Sports Hub Community Play Day, at the National Stadium on 8 and 9 September. The stadium premises will be transformed into a gigantic festival ground with more than 100 Japanese F&B, games, and merchandise booths as well as a centre stage featuring 25 sensational stage performances by 24 groups and organisations from Japan and Singapore. 

These performances include:

  • Taiko drum performance – an ancient Japanese percussion using large drums;
  • Yosakoi – a unique style of dance typically performed at festivals in Japan;
  • Domobics – an aerobics dance performance named after the beloved Domo, official mascot of Japan's public broadcaster NHK; and
  • the distinctive Hawaiian Hula dance performance amongst many others 

“The Summer Festival is a huge event for the Japanese Association. This year’s Summer Festival is particularly special because of its venue at the Singapore Sports Hub. It marks a milestone in how the Summer Festival connects both the Japanese and local communities here in Singapore.”
--- Sue Kealohiokalani Mayuzumi, Japanese Association of Singapore’s Hula Dance Group ---

Authentic Japanese stalls

Apart from the authentic Japanese F&B stalls serving dishes typically associated with festivals, shop among a colourful array of Japanese merchandise including anime-related products, cosmetics and skin care products, tote bags, stationary, origami earrings, prepacked snacks, toys, French-inspired hats, handmade spoon kits, artisanal accessories, and many more.

Domo and Pikachu Meet-and-Greet Sessions

Get the chance to meet with life-sized Domo and Pikachu in action and snap a picture with them in the meet-and-greet sessions...

Thrilling games to keep the whole family entertained

There are three main game zones to keep the whole family entertained - the Pokémon Carnival zone, the Sports Hub Community Play Day – Fun on Wheels! zone, and the Japanese Association’s Game Corner. The carnival features several Pokémon-themed game stations and machines, where participants can test their hand-eye coordination skills in games including “Let’s Battle Pikachu”, “Squirtle Yo Rescue” and “Gengar Shadow Ball”.

The Japanese Association’s Game Corner
At the Japanese Association’s Game Corner, there are five booths featuring traditional Summer Festival favourites including Yo-Yo Tsuri, a game involving fishing for water balloons using a frail paper string with a hook; Shateki, a game where participants can shoot their target prizes to win them; and Senbonbiki, a game where participants can choose from a multitude of strings to pull, to see if he or she can win prizes.

“Fun on Wheels!” theme
The Sports Hub Community Play Day will be taking place concurrently on the National Stadium grounds, with activities taking on a “Fun on Wheels!” theme. Visitors can relive the arcade glory days with 90s car racing video game Daytona and Initial D. Other popular Japanese-made arcade games include Dance Dance Revolution and Bishi Bashi.

Singapore GP F1 Roving Truck

Besides arcade games, a Singapore GP F1 Roving Truck will be on site inside the National Stadium, for participants to test out the reflexes of car racing enthusiasts in our simulators.  There will also be giant versions of popular group games such as Twister, Snakes & Ladders, and Pick-Up Sticks.

Japanese-themed games
The Sports Hub Community Play Day zone will also comprise Japanese-themed games such as Hanetsuki, a game resembling badminton, but played without a net; Ohajiki, a game involving flicking small, coin-shaped pieces called with one’s fingers, to hit other pieces; Otedama, a game where the challenge is to toss and grab small bean bags.

Keeping active through fun-play, sports and fitness activities

J-Party Fitness mass workouts by Japanese instructors
Fitness buffs can look forward to the J-Party Fitness mass workouts conducted by Japanese instructors. The programme comprises popular routines such as Zumba, Salsation, and Kardioblast, and it will take place from 1 pm to 3 pm on both days with fitness packs up for grabs.

One of the Japanese fitness instructors, Masami Miko, who has been teaching fitness classes for 4 years, said: “This is my first time participating in the Japan Summer Festival and I’m thrilled that I can spread the culture of Japan through my role conducting the J-Party Fitness session. I’m looking forward to leading the dance party fitness aerobics Zumba and Kardioblast workouts, incorporating some elements of Japanese culture such as the movements and even Japanese pop music. More importantly, I hope everyone can join in and stay healthy by leading an active lifestyle.”

“This is my first time participating in the Japan Summer Festival and I’m thrilled that I can spread the culture of Japan through my role conducting the J-Party Fitness session.”
--- Masami Miko, Japanese fitness instructor ---

ELXR’s assessments and fitness mobile application
Try out ELXR’s assessments and fitness mobile application which functions as a DNA-based training programme.

The WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) Finals activation
Tennis fans and enthusiasts can take part in fun challenges at the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) Finals activation at the festival and stand to enjoy tournament giveaways. Challenge your balancing skills with a giant tennis racket at the Bucket Challenge, attempt the Tennis Trivia memory card game, and learn to play tennis with the friendly WTA crew at the mini-tennis court.

“The festival at the National Stadium presents truly a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience through the combination of cultural festivities and fun-play entertainment for everyone. Our broad range of offerings will have something for everyone, from thrill seekers to fans of Japanese culture.”
--- Christine Lau, Director of Sports and Community Programming, Singapore Sports Hub ---

Yukata Try-outs

As part of the festivities, visitors are encouraged to bring or rent the traditional Japanese summer garment, the Yukata. The Yukata rental service is priced at $15 and available on both Saturday from 1500-1830 hours, and Sunday from 1500-1730 hours.

Renters can wear the garment till the end of the event at 2110h on Saturday and 2010h on Sunday. Yukatas are limited and rented out on a first come, first served, while stocks last.

The Bon Odori dance

Each day will conclude with the Bon Odori dance, where you can take part in the traditional dance while wearing the Yukata. For more information on the Japan Summer Festival, please visit