Munch with Contiki & CulinaryOn

Contiki, the world’s leading travel brand for 18-35 year olds, has been cooking up a storm with international culinary edutainment centre CulinaryOn. Home to the largest cooking studio in Asia and located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, CulinaryOn is joining Contiki to share Contiki’s unique gastronomy trip—Munch—with Singapore’s millennial travellers.

“By combining our passion for travel and CulinaryOn’s passion for food, we want young Singaporeans to place food at the forefront of any travel experience.” 
--- Sam Morrah, Director of Sales and Marketing Asia ---

Food is an intergral part of global culture. Dedicated to the foodies who need nothing but a fork, a knife and a passport when travelling, Munch provides the ultimate culinary itinerary for millenial food travellers to eat their way across Europe. Each trip is led by a unique duo—a Contiki Trip Manager and a foodie social media influencer—who take travellers on their amazing gastronomic journeys.

Using nitrogen to quick-freeze the berries...

Munch provides travellers the fun of a Contiki trip and the chance to explore like a food expert, focussed on sampling delectable local delicacies and wine across nine days with stops in Barcelona, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Genoa, Florence, San Gimignano, Bologna, Lake Como and Milan. Days will be filled with exciting cooking classes, hands-on pasta-making sessions, delectable Tuscan dinners, experential food market outings and elegant wine-making introductions with  nights will be spent relaxing in comfortable hotels.

Moving on to the next dish...

Chef explains what to do for each step of the process...

Through Munch, travellers get the opportunity to gain skills in the realm of food and wine appreciation. Not only do they partake in an enriching learning experience, but they also enjoy a comfortable travel experience: hotel accommodation, luxury coaches and a carefully-curated itinerary of included and optional experiences.

Alongside plenty of opportunities for solo exploration, Munch travellers can expect to enjoy:
  • 2 days in Barcelona: Kick off the journey in style with a traditional Tapas feast, then spend some time exploring beautiful Barcelona and take a Spanish cooking class
  • 1 day in Aix-en-Provence: Arrive into Aix later afternoon and spend some time exploring this stylish town before being treated to a traditional Provençal bouillabaisse dinner
  • 2 days in Florence: Enjoy plenty of time to explore Florence, head out for a traditional Tuscan dinner or get straight on the Gelato. Learn to make pasta in the romantic countryside of a Tuscan villa
  • 1 day in Bologna: Get a taste for Bologna while wandering the city’s food markets, then enjoy a traditional dinner of Tortellini Al Ragu 
  • 1 day in Milan: Spend an afternoon sipping aperol and watching the action on the bustling plazas before a tasty regional risotto dinner
  • Dedicated Foodie Munch Stops: Arles, Nice, Genoa, San Gimignano and Lake Como!

“We’ve replaced postcards with Instagram, and cameras with iPhones, but despite this digitialisation - food is one thing that remains stubbornly analogue Munch capitalises on the incredible food experiences Europe has to offer & provides something truly unique for today’s foodie traveller.”
--- Kelly Jackson, General Manager for Contiki ---

As a part of Contiki’s Limited Edition Summer Series, Munch will run with smaller groups of 25-30 passengers. Two departures of Munch will run in summer 2017, with further departures expected in 2018. For more information on Contiki’s trips throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America check out

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About CulinaryOn

An international culinary edutainment concept, CulinaryOn is an exciting and modern space designed for corporate events, parties, private events & dining and world-class cooking experiences. Launched in Oct 2015 in the heart of Singapore’s CBD, CulinaryOn is the largest culinary edutainment studio in Singapore and Asia, and is able to cater to a variety of fun cooking events from anywhere between 2-200 participants. Visit for more information