Colours, Sights & Patterns At Kampong Glam

In the 19th century, Kampong Glam was essentially an ethnic district with a strong Malay-Arab influence. It was a place where locals patronized for their Arab-Muslim traditional foodstuff and merchandise...

Immersive 4K HDR Viewing Experience With Sony Projectors

Sony’s latest innovative laser light source projector is High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible with native 4K resolution, creating an amazling clear lifelike experience, as if you are there yourself…

Back 30 Years To Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre

Iconic along this stretch of road is the rectangular block of a nondescript beige-tiled building. The facade of this building is blocked by an overhead bridge. And this is the front entrance to a shopping centre - the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre… (USSC).

Monti - Singapore's Longest Brunch Every Sunday

Enjoy brunch by the bay concept, complete with stunning views of the Marina Bay and its surroundings, and a fabulous menu and music programme to match at Monti…

Where Freemasons Convene

In 1886, the Masonic Club was established to support Singapore freemasonry. Guess who was the first Freemason in modern Singapore?

Sony A7S - Extraordinary Light Sensitivity For Low Light Perfection

Merlion City
June 2014

With the recent launch of its A7S, Sony's family of the world’s smallest full-frame interchangeable lens cameras is complete. The new A7S model puts extraordinary sensitivity, low noise and spectacular 4K video quality into the hands of professional photographers and videographers. 

The innovative A7S camera features a newly developed, 12.2 effective megapixel 35mm full frame Exmor CMOS sensor paired with a powerful BIONZ X image processor, allowing it to shoot at a sensitivity range of ISO 50 – 409,600  with unprecedented dynamic range and low noise.

The new model is also the world’s first camera to utilise the entire width of a full-frame image sensor in 4K video acquisition, and does this without cropping or line skipping as it can read and process data from every one of the sensor’s pixels. This allows 4K video shooters to utilise all of the artistic and creative benefits provided by the unique sensor.
An insightful session with Den Lennie, who illustrated out the professional video capabilities of the Sony A7S camera with live Singapore scenes that he took over the past few days...

The A7S showcase with stunning visual and audio quality...

A thoughtful memento during the World Cup season...

Wide ISO Sensitivity (ISO 50-409,600) and Impressive Dynamic Range

Sony, the world’s largest manufacturer of image sensors , has developed a unique 12.2 MP sensor with extraordinary sensitivity that allows the  7S camera to collect dramatically more light than traditional cameras and to produce beautifully detailed, low-noise images in even the darkest environments. 
Extreme versatility with the flexibility to change different lens and the option to add a flash unit...
The camera also features a newly developed on-sensor technology that allows it to optimise the dynamic range throughout the entirety of the ISO 50-409,600 sensitivity range. And this on-sensor technology also broadens the range of tonal gradation in bright environments while also minimising noise in dark scenes, allowing the camera to deliver impressive results in these extreme conditions where other cameras (and image sensors) typically struggle.
Lightweight in the palm your hand...

Low-light Shooting Advantages

The high ISO sensitivity range of the  7S camera is extremely effective for still image shooting, especially in low-light conditions, where the camera can shoot at high shutter speeds while keeping noise as low as possible. This is particularly useful for shooting indoor or in dimly lit sporting events.
Amazingly clear low-light visuals taken at ISO 51,200...

 More of the A7S can be found on Sony Singapore's website at:

23A Coleman Street - Where Freemasons Convene

Coleman Street
Central, Singapore
June 2014

Merlion Wayfarer received an invite recently which referred to the location as just "23A Coleman Street". 

Where is that?

She checked up the map  - OK, it's just behind Central Fire Station. Fairly accessible from both City Hall and Clarke Quay MRT stations.
It was only when she was finally there, right in front of this facade that she found out that...
23A Coleman Street is the Masonic Club.

Yes, there are freemasons in Singapore.

Where Have I Heard This Term Before?

Da Vinci Code (Movie)

The story tells the investigation started by symbolist Robert Langdon and a good-looking cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, around the murder of a Museum Louvre's curator. In fact, the unfortunate murdered man was Sophie's grandfather, and the corpse was found with a series of symbols and codes, like a pentagram and a Fibonacci number sequence.
(Source : Freemasonry)

National Treasure (Movie)

Benjamin Franklin Gates descends from a family of treasure-seekers who've all hunted for the same thing: a war chest hidden by the Founding Fathers after the Revolutionary War. Since childhood, Benjamin Franklin Gates has known that he is descended from a long line of people whose job is to guard a treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers, who hid clues to its whereabouts in the country's currency and on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Masonic symbols abound in the storyline:

(Source : Grand Lodge)

Where Freemasons Convene

Freemasonry, a fraternal society, was first set up in Singapore on 8 December 1845, with the establishment of "Lodge Zetland In The East", the oldest surviving Freemason lodge here, on Armenian Street. Its members called Freemasons or Masons, belong to Lodges or Temples. Freemasonry promotes three main principles - society, charity and morality.

For historical reasons, Freemasonry is for adult men only. It is not a Christian institution. Members must believe in the existence of God - whatever form he may choose. That God is not specified, is one of its charms. Masonry's basic tenets are brotherly love (hence fellow masons are brothers), philanthropy and truth. Procedures and tools of medieval masonry are used as symbols to teach these values. 

Some of the Masonic bye laws:
  • Ladies and children are allowed from 2002 onwards...

  • Limits on the types of discussions...

  • Dress code with sports attire and dress items with advertising slogan disallowed...
The Masonic Temple on Coleman Street was constructed in 1879. In 1886, the Masonic Club was established to support Singapore freemasonry. Freemason activities are centred here.
One of Singapore's first Freemason was Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore. Likewise, George Washington, the first President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, was a Freemason too.