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A Milkshake At Mel's Drive-In

Hollywood After Party
Universal Studios Singapore
Sentosa, Singapore
28 July 2012
Merlion Wayfarer was recently at Sentosa USS's Hollywood After Party to celebrate the launch of the Olympics.
When she was waiting for the Sentosa Express at the Beach Station, she felt curtains of water mists drifting in. As the station was near the "Songs Of The Sea" attraction and the first evening show was going on in full swing, she assumed it was just water from the fountain being buffeted by the strong wind. It was only after alighting from the Express that she realized it was really raining!
Being a "Hollywood After Party", only Hollywood and New York were open. The rain which started mildly got increasingly heavier,and many places were not sheltered.
She was stuck! It was really a small area to walk around.
The bright lights of Mel's Drive-In beckoned. Being a standalone unit, it was by far the most visible outlet that was open. it was also brightly-lit with colourful neon lights. What the heck, it was time be transported back to the 1960s.
It was a scene reminiscent of the diners in Men In Black and Back To The Future. Having high expectations of the food there, she ordered a classic milkshake.

The cool blue USS cup against the matching USS tray...

It was a total disappointment. There was nothing chocolatey about the milkshake at all. Instead it tasted like syruped water, and left a really unpleasant aftertaste. A second cup still tasted equally bad.
The beverage failed them, but the staff won them over. On hearing about her feedback, one of the restaurant team leaders offered to change the drink without being asked! When the second one did not work out either, she willingly changed it again for a very safe Coke. And it was all done with an apology, friendly words and a beaming smile.
Merlion Wayfarer was won over - This lady have converted what could be a potentially unpleasant dining encounter into a good service recovery experience.....  

More photos are available on Merlion Wayfarer's Picasa at :
Places - Universal Studios Singapore


Where's The Shih Lin Style XL Chicken Cutlet

8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro (八度空间)
North-East, Singapore
June 2012
 Merlion Wayfarer ordered a "8 degrees XL chicken box" at S$10.80 - A chicken bento set that came with soup and tea.

The chicken was fried to fragrance. However, it didn't have any of the XL Chicken Cutlet taste that she was looking for. Maybe she was still "suffering" from her Shih Lin Night Market cravings from years back? Anyway, the Taiwanese sausages were once again a nice touch to add a little BBQ fragrance to the bento. And the ramen-styled egg was good to slurp up!

The full album is available at:
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