Colours, Sights & Patterns At Kampong Glam

In the 19th century, Kampong Glam was essentially an ethnic district with a strong Malay-Arab influence. It was a place where locals patronized for their Arab-Muslim traditional foodstuff and merchandise...

Immersive 4K HDR Viewing Experience With Sony Projectors

Sony’s latest innovative laser light source projector is High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible with native 4K resolution, creating an amazling clear lifelike experience, as if you are there yourself…

Back 30 Years To Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre

Iconic along this stretch of road is the rectangular block of a nondescript beige-tiled building. The facade of this building is blocked by an overhead bridge. And this is the front entrance to a shopping centre - the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre… (USSC).

Monti - Singapore's Longest Brunch Every Sunday

Enjoy brunch by the bay concept, complete with stunning views of the Marina Bay and its surroundings, and a fabulous menu and music programme to match at Monti…

Where Freemasons Convene

In 1886, the Masonic Club was established to support Singapore freemasonry. Guess who was the first Freemason in modern Singapore?

Asanoya - Bread From The Car Showroom

In a quiet corner of the Bugis heritage district lies a white cafe enclosed in glass walls. Upon entering, you feel like you're in a spacious glass case. Sit down at a table and find it spotless. Yes such is the precision of the Japanese standard for F&B.

Asanoya's story begins in the year 1933, where it served as a store catering to foreign embassies and diplomats of various countries. The Karuizawa shop was very well-received and soon grew to be a favourite destination for the noble class. With the increased demand for European-type hard breads, Asanoya began to improve their baking skills, techniques and facilities, thus successfully integrating bread into the diversity of Japanese food culture.

The famed 81-year-old Asanoya bakery from Karuizawa is opened its first branch outside of Japan here in a joint venture with Tan Chong International, which deals in brands such as Nissan and Subaru. The 5,000 sq ft space that Asanoya now occupies used to be a car showroom before it became the cafe today.

Cube Loaf

Oozing with rich flavor, this Tiramisu Cube Loaf is one of several on display. Baked with a French Loaf crust, the initial bite may be tough to chew. Once you get to the soft insides, thick creamy "lava" oozes out.

Green Tea Latte

Unfortunately, the Green Tea Latte was a disappointment. The powdered green tea is not well-dissolved before the milk is heated up. When drunk, bits of powder can be tasted. 

Consideration to go back? For the bread, yes. For the drinks, no. The array of confectionery is definitely a temptation to try out more flavours.

Samsung Galaxy View - Immersive Large Touchscreen

Samsung Electronics Singapore today announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy View, the new must-have edutainment companion for every home. With its 18.4-inch touchscreen display, interactive user interface and long-lasting battery life, the Galaxy View is the ideal lifestyle and edutainment device for the whole family.

Your Finger As The Remote

The Galaxy View’s intuitive swipe-and-tap interface allows you to switch instantly between movies, live broadcasts, and the Internet without any additional remote devices required.

Source:  Samsung

Easy To Handle Anywhere

Like a tab, the built-in handle allows you to move the Galaxy View anywhere. Adjust it into two flexible positions for easy viewing - Lean it back to read online news, and stand it up to watch an online movie.

Source:  Samsung

Immersive Visual Experience on Large-Format Screen

With an 18.4 inch full-HD screen, the Galaxy View is equipped with unmatched capabilities, offering consumers and their families a new dimension in home mobile enjoyment. Available in Wi-Fi and 4G+ enabled models, this edutainment companion allows you to enjoy the full offerings of a regular sized tablet on a whole new level with the stunning large-sized display. With its long-lasting battery life of up to 8 hours of video playback, you can enjoy hours of immersive viewing anywhere in your homes without worrying about recharging.

Source:  Samsung

Smart Kids, The Samsung Way

Specially-curated content best-enjoyed on the large format screen of the Samsung Galaxy View include:

  • Samsung KidsTime 3.0

For families with children aged 3 to 7, KidsTime has 100 carefully curated learn-through-play games and eBooks covering subjects from Science, Maths, Reading and Arts, among others. These are featured in a "safe environment" where there are no advertisements, no in-app purchases and no communications from strangers.

The app can be personalize with a handwritten name...

Samsung KidsTime 3.0 also comes with KidsTime Parent, a companion application for parents to remotely control their child’s access to the device, with features like App Timer, App Lock and the ability to choose which applications to download for their child. Usage reports also enable parents to monitor and track their child’s KidsTime activities. Galaxy View users can enjoy 12 months of free access to 100 games and eBooks worth up to $85, on a "while stocks last" basis.

With KidsTime Parent, parents can now set how much time they want to limit access to, and even monitor the learning scores online...

  • Superstar Teacher

Developed by a team of curriculum specialists and delivered by the best teachers, the primary and secondary online video lessons in Superstar Teacher promises to be fun, interesting and of the highest calibre. Interactive quizzes are also embedded into the lessons to assess students and track their understanding.

  • SPH Interactive Magazines

Interactive editions of popular magazine titles such as Men’s Health, Her World and Home & Decor from Asia’s leading magazine publisher, SPH can be downloaded easily. Subscribe to any 3 digital magazines at only $35 (UP  $120) via Galaxy Life with up to 70% off.

The Samsung Galaxy View will be available from 07 November 2015 in Black. It will come with Wi-Fi and 4G+ options, in 32GB with microSD supporting up to 128GB at a recommended retail price of $898 and $998 respectively.

Each purchase of the Galaxy View will receive a free Samsung Portable SSD T1 worth $269. This introductory promotion is available, while stocks last, at major consumer electronic stores, and Samsung Experience Stores.

Other Samsung accessories - Samsung Level On Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (White, $399), Bluetooth Speaker (White, $268), Samsung Gear VR ($298) with Galaxy S6... 

Available at local telecommunication operators, major consumer electronics stores, authorised retailers and Samsung Experience Stores, the Galaxy View can be purchased together with the optional accompanying Samsung Galaxy View Carrying Case (Black) which is available at $68.

Source:  Samsung

“Designed with the needs of the whole family in mind, the new Samsung Galaxy View aims to bring a new dimension of unprecedented mobile entertainment that can be used by all.”
- Eugene Goh, Vice President, IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore -

Trick Eye Museum - Interactive 4D Excitement Right At Sentosa

In its first revamp since its opening, Trick Eye Museum recently revamped its Resorts World Sentosa space with brand new art exhibits and themed zones. The refreshment will reveal six new themed zones to replace the existing zones, with more than half of the museum updated with new exhibits. Aimed to evoke the five human senses, the zones are themed "Mystery", "Excitement", "Supernatural", "Fairytale", "Fantasy", and "Trick World".

The crowd thrilled with anticipation on the new unveil...

Traditional favourites like these acrobats are there at the entrance to welcome you...

Behold! These books actually open up to reveal a secret entrance...

Besides animations and interactive 4D exhibits, new sculptures are created to blend with new illusion paintings. All have been specially designed by Trick Eye Museum's in-house designers from Korea and painted by Korean artists.

Do mysterious levitation acts in "Mystery"...

Look out! Beware of the crystal ball...

Step out of the photo frame and be rescued by your hero...

"The new themed settings will provide a brand new experience, giving everyone a reason to visit again. New 4D concepts, which debut in our museums in Korea earlier this year will be introduced to heighten the degree to interaction." 
-- Sue Oh, Brand Manager, Trick Eye Museum Singapore ---

Hug a Teddy Bear with your partner...

And be spirited on Pegasus, the flying horse in "Fantasy"...

Be transformed into a butterfly... or step over the waterfall into the path of a rainbow...

About Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum originated in Korea with three museums in the country - Seoul, Jeju and Busan started in December 2010. The museum is popular not just among Korean locals but has also become a popular destination for tourists. Singapore is the very first stop of Trick Eye Museum’s foreign venture with a museum situated on the island of Sentosa.

Go on adventurous quests in "Excitement"...

Trick Eye Museum is globally recognized for its art technique in transforming 2D paintings and sculptures into the effect of 3D optical illusion. Visitors can express their imagination by being a photographer taking the most creative photographs or become an object of a realistic masterpiece.

Do a handstand with a masterpiece...

Have fun doing a split as a ballerina...

There are a total of 90 artworks in Trick Eye Museum Singapore. Majority of the artworks in the museum are specially created for Singapore and not seen in the museums at Korea. Several artworks are designed with elements of Singapore's culture such as horse-racing and also Singapore's most iconic symbol - the Merlion. Classic artworks of Trick Eye Museum such as the "Ames Room" and "Magic Table" are also featured.

Ride the waves with Singapore's very own Merlion...

Following Trick Eye Museum's entrance to Singapore, the Museum further expanded to other parts of the world. With the second foreign branch opening in Jinan China on 20 December 2014, the latest addition was Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong on 23 December 2014. The Museum will also be expanding to other parts of China, India, and the United States in 2016.

Prepare to meditate and float in "Trick World"...

Watch out for that hand over you! As you shrink to teapot and lotus size...

Thank you, Trick Eye Museum Sentosa... 

Bose SoundTouch - Wireless Connectivity To The Music World

The SoundTouch family of products is the most comprehensive in the industry, and today it welcomes the new SoundTouch 10 speaker. It’s ideal on its own, you can add more over time, or mix and match with other SoundTouch systems. The SoundTouch 10 speaker joins the new SoundTouch 20 and 30 Series III speakers, new SoundTouch soundbars, and new SoundTouch home theatre systems. They’re all friendly and compatible, they all talk to each other through walls and ceilings, and now they all include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Wireless Connectivity

With Bluetooth, you can stream any song, playlist, music service, and YouTube directly from your phone or tablet. Bluetooth is great for one-to-one sharing, giving you instant access without having to join a network. It also lets your friend play music from his device without any setup. Because you aren’t confined to the options within the Bose SoundTouch mobile app, you can stream music from any app.

With Wi-Fi, you can broadcast it to as many SoundTouch speakers you have, or use the intuitive SoundTouch app to explore integrated music services, set personalised presets, and enjoy different music in different rooms. This means that after starting a song from your mobile phone to a SoundTouch 10 speaker over Bluetooth, you can continue the music in another room by broadcasting it to another SoundTouch speaker via Wi-Fi through the Bose app. 

Instant Access To The Perfect Soundtrack

SoundTouch lets you explore music around the world through online services like Spotify and Deezer. It gives you access to thousands of tunes via internet radio stations and stored music libraries.

Control Within Your Palm

Download the easy-to-setup app onto a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Tap and swipe your way to a powerful remote. Setup and personalize presets, control playback of music sources in each room, and connect to music libraries, all with a smart device in your palm.

Bedside Convenience

Wave SoundTouch Music System IV can be used to stream music services, Internet radio stations and personal playlists. It also comes with a CD player and AM/FM tuner for that added in-room convenience.

Watching That Movie

The SoundTouch system also extends to home theatre systems. Using advanced best-performing Bose technologies, the Lifestyle SoundTouch Entertainment System and SoundTouch Home Theatre System bring hundreds of Internet TV shows, thousands of online movies, and millions of songs right to the comfort of your living room. Vivid, high-quality home theater sound to every seat in the room.

Barely bigger than your hand, this small speaker belies the depth and magnitude of sound it can project. Watch a horror movie and hear the sonorous foot steps approach you. Hear the creak of the rotten floor boards. And be petrified!

Party Outside

SoundTouch Expansion connects the SoundTouch amplifier to outdoor speakers like the Free Space 51 Environmental. You can now enjoy your music outside with premium quality acoustics.

The inconspicuous sound bar right on the dining table...

Ceiling speakers or external speakers - your choice for quality sound...



Merlion Wayfarer likes the easy connectivity provided by the SoundTouch systems with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options. The design is classy and can be seamlessly integrated into the interior of a home.

Maybe Not

When using wireless, the quality of the streaming will depend on the strength of the signal. For residences with more than one floor, or those whose hub is not located in a centralized area, the signal may affect sound/streaming quality. MP3s and internet radio will sound flat on this system. This is one powerful system where you should do it justice by playing better quality audio.

In Short

It's an affordable investment for your home for one-touch convenience and good quality sound.

The new Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless music system is $399, and the new SoundTouch 20 Series III system and SoundTouch 30 Series III system are sold for $699 and $999, respectively. Bose SoundTouch soundbars and home theatre systems are available starting at $1,999. All new SoundTouch systems will be sold through Atlas e-store, Atlas showrooms and selected resellers islandwide. More information on SoundTouch can be found at

“SoundTouch has always been about the experience
- what listening to streaming music at home should be like.”
- John Roselli, General Manager of Bose Wireless Speakers -