Kanshoku Ramen - Fragrant Truffle Ramen With No Cloy

It's known - Merlion Wayfarer is no fan of ramen, but she's game to try anything different. So when her friend wanted to try out a ramen stall in town, she acquiesced. 

Kanshoku Ramen is located in Orchard Central, steps away from Somerset MRT Station on the North-South (Red) line. 

At first sight, the Truffle Ramen (S$17.90) was no different from any other ramen. The toppings included black fungus, an over-generous heaping of cabbage, mushroom and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. For $2 more, you can get a Ramen Egg (egg with some ramen marinade).

However, a closer look revealed the little black heap of black truffle. Instead of synthetic truffle oil at many other outlets, Kanshoku uses authentic black truffle. And that makes all the difference.

Even though the price is higher than a typical ramen, the amount of noodles is more than a typical serving. The soup base is rich with the well-boiled flavour of pork broth, yet without the cloying aftertaste of excessive MSG. The richness is just about right, leaving no strong porcine taste. The truffle adds the needed touch of fragrance yet does not overwhelm the tactile authenticity of ramen. Definitely worth a visit for ramen and truffle fans.