Little Nonya's Cookies - Creative Chinese New Year Pastries

Surprise your guests this Chinese New Year with these Singapore festive favourites
from Little Nonya's Cookies

Golden Salted Egg Chips ($17.80)

Fresh potato chips are dusted with a layer of salted egg yolk. The end result is golden brown crisps with that mild tinge of fragrant salted egg.

Crab In A Stick ($16.80)

Something that Merlion Wayfarer has not tasted before - crab sticks dipped in batter and deep-fried to crunchiness with the sweetness of the original taste.

Love Letters ($17.80)

Unlike many other brands of egg rolls, Little Nonya thoughtfully places its love letters in tin boxes. 
This, together with the cushioning inside, ensures that the egg rolls are opened in mint condition...

Prosperity Pineapple Tarts ($18.80)

This traditional Chinese New Year favourite is glossed with a layer of egg yolk to create the bright yellow delicious sheen. What makes this pantry is the thickness of the pineapple paste in a crust that disintegrates slowly in your mouth.

A selection of other traditional favourites include coconut-flavoured Happy Kueh Bangkit ($19.80), Italian-inspired Coffee Meringue ($16.80), melty crunchie Vibrant Green Peas ($16.80), and fragrant baked Blissedful Amond crisps ($16.80)...

Best of all, each tin of cookies comes encased in an elegant gold box, 
with a heart-shaped window to show the passion Little Nonya puts into each little package...

Even the paper bag is reflective gold, perfect to symbolize "遍地黄金" for a Chinese New Year gift...

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