Yang Yang Cookies - Simple Yet Irresistible

Chinese New Year feasting came early this year as Yang Yang Cookies shared their springtime range with Merlion Wayfarer.

Baked by the famous Aunty Yeo, Yang Yang Cookies is a collection of traditional Chinese cookies and pastries recipes from the Yang family passed down through the generations. Yang Yang is a home-grown company that produces quality local pastries for the past 50 years. Tested, proven, and authentic, each pastry has come a long way from family recipes passed down through the generations.

Brightly-decked in a brand new bright classy packaging, the Chinese New Year range is beautifully presented in hexagonal-shaped tins with attractive new year motifs...

Savour the signature all-time favourites with Premium Pineapple Tarts ($28), Premium Green Pea Cookies ($18.80), Premium Almond Cookies ($18.80), Chocolate Chip Cookies ($15.80), Premium Kueh Bangkit ($17.80), Premium Dark Chocolate Cookies ($16.80), and Kueh Lapis Original (Whole $52 / Half $32). Or taste the newly-launched 2016 products which include Crunchy Peanut Cookies ($15.80) and Coconut Cookies ($15.80).

 This selection of Coconut Cookies may look ordinary, but...
pop one into your mouth and you'll soon realize they are simply irresistible!
In a single sampling, half the box was gone!

Flavourful and mildly buttery, these Cranberry Cookies are bite-sized with a healthful dose of fragrant cranberries...

Premium Dark Chocolate Cookies are baked laden with the goodness of bittersweet premium chocolate. You know it's THE REAL STUFF when you don't get the uncomfortable aftertaste from lower grade ingredients...

For those with a strong aversion to the rawness of almond paste, no fear!
Yang Yang's Premium Almond Cookies are mild yet filled with crushed almonds that remain when the silky smooth crust melts away...

Yang Yang Cookies' Chinese New Year range is available at:
  • Takashimaya CNY Fair (B2 Atrium) from 14 January to 06 February 2016
  • Vivo City CNY Fair (Level 1 outside Tangs) from 19 January to 06 February 2016
  • Orchard Tangs Plaza (B2) from 20 January to 06 February 2016
For Corporate Orders, contact sales@yangyang.com.sg. Visit www.facebook.com/yycookies or www.yangyang.com.sg for details.