Poulet - The Rich & The Light

South, Singapore
July 2015

Escargots in Tomato and Garlic Butter:  The strong tomato paste dilutes the fragrance of the butter. The escargots are slightly overcooked this round resulting in a tough rubbery texture.

Oven Roasted Chicken in Mushroom Cream Sauce:  The recipe appears to have changed with a saltier dish now. Instead of swimming in the sauce, each serving now seems to come with only a layer of sauce. However, upon request, the top up is a generous bowl.

Chestnut Rice:  Mild yet flavourful, this dish is a good light accompanying staple to the stronger-tasting dishes above.

Other than that, service at this outlet is mediocre. Some of the seats are positioned below a tree with overhanging leaves. Diners at these tables have to duck under the leaves to sit at their chairs.