Ichiban Boshi Centrepoint - Flat & Oily Meal

Kamameshi @ Ichiban Boshi 
The Centrepoint, Orchard
Central, Singapore
July 2015

Tucked away in a corner in an outlet formerly occupied by Pizza Hut, the Ichiban Boshi here is located in a quiet linkway with the only access from a basement escalator or exits leading to Cuppage. With the mall itself undergoing massive renovation, including a closed front facade, the queue here at this outlet is practically non-existent. A fast seat is guaranteed.

However, tonight was their D&D night. The outlet here was closing at 2100 hours, the notice said.

Even with more than one hour left to their earlier closing time, several choices in the menu were met with "not available". Apparently, the outlet had run out of rice and were not cooking any more. This meant that all the Don and many of the Set menus were unavailable. 

With only noodles left as a staple, the choice for dinner was either ramen, soba or udon. This Tempura Udon (S$13.90) was rushed up because they wanted to pack up earlier for their DnD. The result was a flat-tasting udon and oily.

The very flat-tasting and normal udon...

The tempura batter tasted like reused oil was used. The prawns and vegetables were literally dripping with oil. Several serviettes were required to soak up the oil. This certainly did not feel like it was served in an established Japanese restaurant. 

However, at the end of the experience, the saving grace was the restaurant manager. He apologized for running out of the rice and for the rush.