KaHa - COVE Technology Experience Walkthrough

KaHa, a Singapore-based end-to-end smart wearable IoT platform company, recently showcased its wide range of consumer products and features at the first COVE Technology Experience Walkthrough in Singapore at JTC Launchpad, an immersive exhibition space constructed to provide first-hand experience of KaHa’s smart wearable platform and products.

“We are at an inflection point with regard to how IoT and wearable technology i changing how we interact and go about our daily lives, and KaHa’s technology is taking advantage of this disruption. KaHa has demonstrated the demand of such technology through its various local and international partnerships."
--- Chirayu Wadke, partner at SeedPlus ---

KaHa’s consumer solutions were created using its unique operating system inbuilt with Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning solutions, and designed with a range of consumer verticals in mind: Safety, Sports & Fitness, Health & Wellness, Convenience, Lifestyle, and Special Needs.

Through inbuilt AI and machine learning algorithms, KaHa smart wearables provide innovative consumer use cases and exciting user experiences, with the goal of personalizing and improving the
user’s everyday journey. Highlights include:

Virtual Runs - where users are able to run “anywhere” in the world for an immersive experience...

With the use of a Virtual Reality (VR) headset or large-screen TV, KaHa creates a realistic immersive running experience for users, including syncing the footage speed to the user’s pace for realism. Filmed footages of run trails, which can be forest paths or urban cities, can be uploaded and shared to increase the fun factor when compared with  conventional treadmill running.

Play on Pace technology incorporates smart wearable technology to track users’ running pace and synchronizes with their workout music to keep them motivated. Additional modes include pre-programming different paces and distances for training, and setting the music to stop to alert users when they are going out of pace.

Users can form a trusted Safety Network of friends, family and other social contacts and adding in  Guardians’ contacts, to enjoy a wide network of safety contacts, increasing the possibility of nearby help at any time. KaHa’s safety interface allows Guardians to easily spot and alert their own contacts nearest to the user for help during emergencies.

Digital Payment – “on-demand” payment features built with security in mind...

KaHa’s smart payment solution is built on-demand, where the user confirms payment after receiving the payment request e.g. by providing their phone number. The user receives the prompt on their wearable, and confirms the payment for security measures.

Stress Management - Through AI and deep pattern matching algorithm, the user’s lifestyle patterns and bio-data such as their metabolism are paired with the wearable’s stress alert features, helping the user be more aware of their wellness, e.g. to detect periods of heightened stress with guides for breathing exercises to regain their composure.

Smart Home - AI-based identification algorithms and proximity algorithms learn and automate the smart home experience without any input from the user itself...

Deploying AI-based identification algorithms to identify the homeowner and their wearable devices and combined with geo-location/proximity algorithms, KaHa personalizes one’s abode by learning and automating various living conditions such as air conditioning, lighting, favourite TV and radio channels. The same technology helps conserve power and energy when the homeowner is not present.

Hybrid smart watches and jewellery which brings together the best of traditional watches with hidden digital functionality...

"We use technology to help consumers in their everyday lives, and ultimately redefine the consumer experience and journey. Our AI and Machine Learning-led products will make wearables truly smart,
provide personalized experience, and are easily adopted by fashion and luxury brands to suit their consumers’ tastes."
--- Pawan Gandhi, CEO and founder of KaHa ---

For more information, please visit www.coveiot.com.