Singapore Inside Out - Showcase Of Singapore Creativity

Tan Quee Lan Street (Bugis)
November 2015

Spanning three continents, Singapore: Inside Out celebrates creativity and collaboration and aims to inspire one to discover new cross-disciplinary perspectives of Singapore through its architecture, cuisine, design, fashion, film, music and the literary, performing and visual arts.

Curated by award-winning Singaporean architect and artist Randy Chan, Singapore: Inside Out is an invitation to experience Singapore as reimagined by some of the talents who are shaping the country’s contemporary creative culture. Set within a lattice of scaffolding, Singapore: Inside Out provides an intimate environment for audiences to rediscover Singapore from the "inside out". From interactive food art installations to theatrical encounters and live music sessions, you will be able to glean insights into the artistic conversations that influence Singapore’s creative culture today.

Janice’s playful edible art installation 1000 crosses reflects Singapore’s rich multicultural heritage and uniqueness as a melting pot of flavours and cuisine through the mix of edible mediums with brushstrokes. Through this art installation, Janice demonstrates the melting pot effect of cultures in Singapore: every person, every race, and every ethnicity, unique yet as one. Janice’s use of classic Asian flavours with a progressive Western take reflects the confluence of East and West in Singapore.

The travelling showcase is also a demonstration of the strong collaborative spirit of the local creative community where Singaporean and overseas talents will work together to co-present live music performances, artists’ sharing sessions and panel discussions on Singapore’s music, films, cinema and literary scenes. Over 120 student volunteers from various tertiary and arts institutions have also come on board as student docents for daily guided tours and volunteers.

A shuttle bus service will be available between Singapore: Inside Out showcase at Tan Quee Lan, National Gallery Singapore and Singapore Visitor Centre at Orchard Gateway.

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