Happy Plugs - Stylish Sound Piece Speakers Delivered In Fashionable Klapsons Settings

Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand Happy Plugs presented its new flagship products - Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini, both wireless speakers that fuse state-of-the-art technology and minimalist Swedish design with the freedom to personalize with the latest fashion and interior design trends.

The concept was explained... before the exciting unveiling of the speakers...

In conjunction with the launch, held in klapsons, The Boutique Hotel, a luxurious boutique hotel in downtown Singapore, all 17 rooms in the hotel, each with its own unique design, were outfitted with a set of Happy Plugs Sound Piece speakers for guests to enjoy as part of the tailor-made klapsons' experience.

At the Happy Room, the versatility of the Sound Piece is demonstrated with interchangeable grills...

"Stylish design and delivering a personalized service is key to the klapsons' experience. We are thrilled to partner with Happy Plugs, who share the same approach towards the fashion-forward and design-savvy consumer."
-- Alex Loh, General Manager, klapsons, The Boutique Hotel ---

Seamless lines in an elegant setting - features of a cosy klapsons suite...

Bath area with no doors and mirrors on both walls... 

How better to charm your loved one?
In a dimly-lit outdoor jacuzzi, with a Sound Piece Mini playing a romantic ballad...

"Just as each luxurious room in klapsons boasts a different design to give guests a unique experience, each set of Happy Plugs Sound Piece speakers can similarly be customized to suit individual personalities by replacing the grills of the speakers, which come in different colours and designs. Guests can have a taste of the Happy Plugs sound and design amid the equally exclusive klapsons rooms for the ultimate personalized multi-sensory experience."
-- Kenneth Wong, Strategy & Planning Manager, Atlas Sound & Vision ---

Add a round see-through bath cubicle to a romantic king-sized bed. What do you get?
A room perfect for a couple getaway with all the amenities contained within...

"The Happy Plugs Sound Piece concept was born from the challenges of finding electronic sound devices that fit your individual home and furniture perfectly. Colour sets the mood for your room and the colour you choose is really about what you would like the room to feel like. Now there's a really easy way to alter that mood."
-- Andreas Vural, President & Founder, Happy Plugs --

The Sound Piece speakers blend so well into the room environment, they're hardly noticeable - until they emit the excellent sound quality that they're known for...

"Sound should be seen just as much as it is heard. Our new Sound Piece concept shows that hi-fi products can be both stylish and decorative, not just hard, black boxes." 
-- Andreas Vural, President & Founder, Happy Plugs --

Retailing at S$329 and S$139 respectively, each Happy Plugs Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini speaker comes with the signature black grill. Exchangeable and colourful grills are available at the Atlas E-Store and selected islandwide retailers. More information is available at www.soundpiece.sg.

About Happy Plugs

Happy Plugs is designed in Sweden, known for its vibrant fashion and music scene. The brand was born with the ambition of transforming essential tech accessories into fashion must-haves. Fashion and style are delivered through each of their products down to the unique packaging.

As a fashion brand, the focus is on style. The brand sees their products, not as tech items, but a way to express oneself and capture the world of fashion and music. It is the first ever consumer electronic brand to be nominated in Sweden’s biggest fashion award -  the prestigious Guldknappen Award. The award was established in 1982 and is given to Swedish fashion designers to encourage Swedish fashion design, a testament to its acceptance in the fashion industry.

The vibrant and colourful range of Sound Piece grills and Happy Plug accessories...

Happy Plugs is available at over 6000 retailers in 70 countries worldwide making it a global phenomenon.

Thank you for the experience!