Romantic New Year Countdown By The Sea

By The Sea
01 January 2013

It was a cold rainy day. It had rained most of the morning with the rain continuing into the afternoon and evening. The water deluge looked set to continue throughout the night. Hmmm, does not augur well for the upcoming new year!

Fortunately... the rain stopped in late evening and Merlion Wayfarer was set to step out to celebrate the countdown festivities.

Her criteria for the countdown this year were simple:
  • Far from the Madding Crowd (Good title, Thomas Gray & Thomas Hardy!)
  • Yet a place where one could still soak in the excitement of a countdown

She ventured along the roads in search of one which is not jammed with people with party poppers, blaring music and flashing disco lights. Finally, one was found at a cosy beach in the romance of the night.

With the faint sound of the countdown from the revellers behind, the countdown started. Seconds later, the signal flares from nearby parked ships and the blaring of fog horns blast in the New Year by the sea. In the distance, the faraway blasts from Marina Bay fireworks added to the festivities...

A truly romantic way to start a brand new year...

The full album is available at:
Merlion Wayfarer's Picasa (Places - Beaches)