Doutor Coffee - An Afternoon With Classy Jazz

Doutor Coffee Singapore 
Marina Bay, Singapore
March 2013

Merlion Wayfarer visited Doutor Coffee in her Sendai trip in 2009. She was charmed by its classy interior, delicious coffee and soothing music then. So it was with much excitement that she looked forward to the opening of a Doutor Coffee outlet in Singapore.

On her first visit to the MBFC dining area last August, the cafe was not opened yet. Today, this was what she saw - A welcoming facade with its familiar black and yellow logo. In the foreground is a Japanese couple ordering at the counter. A Japanese cafe opened by a Japanese and patronized by Japanese. What does it say about its authenticity and quality? 

Clusters of empty tables on a weekend bathed in warm halogen lighting. Comfortable siah...

A mirrored wall with an amazingly authentic-looking bookshelf curtain lines the interior. The music played was smooth jazz with a catchy upbeat rhythm, a la Emi Fujita style...

Complimentary Wi-Fi is provided. The owner was very friendly when Merlion Wayfarer's connection did not work. She actually went to check with her staff whether the connection worked for both Android and Apple OSs and later rebooted the wireless hub. She even waited while Merlion Wayfarer re-tested the connection. Nice! 

It was really no fight when Merlion Wayfarer was at the counter deciding what to order. There were only 40 pieces of the Mille Crepe daily with only 5 pieces left. No prizes for guessing what she ordered! 

To spice up your cuppa, Doutor offers a multitude of choices - Sugar, Syrup, Liquid Lemon and Honey Lemon. Sugar even comes in both 3g and 5g packs. There are even detailed instructions to aid you in your selection... 

This was Merlion Wayfarer's order - Royal Milk Tea (Regular at S$5) and Mille Crepe (S$6). Though initially sceptical of the tea as it came in a tea bag, Merlion Wayfarer was wowed when she opened the plastic lid and found frothed warm milk atop the tea. The fragrance was further enhanced with some sugar...

The rather plain-looking Miller Crepe. Merlion Wayfarer wondered, what's the fuss and the price tag for? 

It was only when she took one forkful of the crepe that she realized the effort required to layer the crepe one on top of each other. And when she bit into it, the toasted sweetness of the caramel was unleashed together with softness of the crepe and the smoothness of the whipped cream. See how each layer of crepe unfolds slowly? Shiok ah!

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