Sony Launches Home Cinema Projectors For That Immersive 4K HDR Viewing Experience

Sony today announced the expansion of its ultra short throw home theatre line-up with the introduction of the VPL-VZ1000ES 4K HDR home theatre projector, designed to integrate easily into people’s homes. Sony’s latest innovative laser light source projector is High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible with native 4K resolution. It can be positioned as little as six inches away from the wall, yet command the room with a 254cm (100 inch) image, measured diagonally in 16:9.

The VPL-VZ1000ES is approximately 925 x 494 x 219mm in size. Despite its compact size and lower price, the VPL-VZ1000ES generates 2,500 lumens of colour light output. Sony's advanced SXRD panels, coupled with the Z-Phosphor laser light engine, produce high dynamic contrast, enhancing the highlights and lowlights of HDR content.

"Up until now home cinema enthusiasts have needed a dedicated room for watching projected content; this isn't always ideal, since not everyone has the luxury of extra space to accommodate an extra-large screen. The new VPL-VZ1000ES changes this dynamic completely, providing an enchanting home theatre experience up to 120" in your existing living space."
-- Riki Nishimura, GM,
Business & Industrial Solutions Marketing Division, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific ---

The VPL-VZ1000ES ultra short throw 4K HDR home theatre projector is available in Singapore now at a recommended retail price of S$28,000. For more information, visit Sony's Professional Solutions website at

As it projects upwards, the VPL-VZ1000ES 4K HDR projector
requires so little space that it fits easily into any compact space...

For those seeking a more immersive experience, Sony also launched its line-up of Home Cinema projectors with three new high-performance models that bring an immersive 4K HDR viewing experience to the home at IFA 2017.

The three new models introduced are:
  • The premium laser light source VPL-VW760ES projector in compact design 1 reproduces stunning 4K HDR images.
  • The versatile VPL-VW360ES with high dynamic contrast and adjustable function of image quality is suited for various types of viewing contents.
  • The affordable VPL-VW260ES delivers immersive and authentic 4K HDR images with great value-to- cost performance.
All three new models deliver high-contrast, detail-packed images thanks to Sony’s cutting-edge native SXRD panel. This is combined with Reality Creation, an impressive resolution processing technology that uses a unique Sony algorithm to perfectly map pixels, for consistently crisp images. in addition to HDR10, which is the standard HDR format for UHD, the new projectors also support HLG for broadcast and online content.

The startling difference between SDR and HDR quality can be seen in the eyes of the marmoset...

The Reality Creation enhances the authenticity of the viewing experience...

The VPL-VW760ES produces stunning images, using a laser light source with 2,000 lumens for spectacular and long-lasting brightness. The technology ensures high-dynamic contrast with new light level control that adjusts to the brightness of the scene in real-time, so bright scenes appear more vivid and darker scenes have more depth. Because of its compact size with 496mm in depth which is 40% smaller than current laser light source model 1 , the projector is easily installed in a shelf or hang on the ceiling.

A  kaleidoscopic time lapse video on Tokyo's Asakusa night life...

The versatile VPL-VW360ES allows viewers to experience the beauty of 4K HDR with 1,500 lumens of brightness. The model has additional features to reproduce even more realistic images including an Advanced Iris for 200,000:1 dynamic contrast and picture positioning memory to adjust to the aspect ratio of whatever content is being shown.

Stills captured from the clip on Peru - you almost feel as if you are there by the river...
The VPL-VW260ES delivers a 4K HDR experience with high cost performance. The 1,500 lumens projector includes many of the features of the other two projectors, including a native 4K SXRD panel, Reality Creation and TRILUMINOS TM , so users get precise and clear images at a cost-effective price point. Both the VPL-VW360ES and the VPL-VW260ES come in black and premium white colours to fit into various customer environment.

Regardless of the type of viewing experience - documentaries, time lapse videos, movies, 
Sony's Home Cinema Projectors awe with its immersive visual reality...

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