Asanoya - Bread From The Car Showroom

In a quiet corner of the Bugis heritage district lies a white cafe enclosed in glass walls. Upon entering, you feel like you're in a spacious glass case. Sit down at a table and find it spotless. Yes such is the precision of the Japanese standard for F&B.

Asanoya's story begins in the year 1933, where it served as a store catering to foreign embassies and diplomats of various countries. The Karuizawa shop was very well-received and soon grew to be a favourite destination for the noble class. With the increased demand for European-type hard breads, Asanoya began to improve their baking skills, techniques and facilities, thus successfully integrating bread into the diversity of Japanese food culture.

The famed 81-year-old Asanoya bakery from Karuizawa is opened its first branch outside of Japan here in a joint venture with Tan Chong International, which deals in brands such as Nissan and Subaru. The 5,000 sq ft space that Asanoya now occupies used to be a car showroom before it became the cafe today.

Cube Loaf

Oozing with rich flavor, this Tiramisu Cube Loaf is one of several on display. Baked with a French Loaf crust, the initial bite may be tough to chew. Once you get to the soft insides, thick creamy "lava" oozes out.

Green Tea Latte

Unfortunately, the Green Tea Latte was a disappointment. The powdered green tea is not well-dissolved before the milk is heated up. When drunk, bits of powder can be tasted. 

Consideration to go back? For the bread, yes. For the drinks, no. The array of confectionery is definitely a temptation to try out more flavours.