Bangkok Jam - Mini Portions, Intense Flavours

Marina Square
Marina Bay, Singapore 
09 February 2015

Attracted by this poster, we were drawn into the Marina Square outlet of Bangkok Jam.
To know more about the false claims in this poster, 

Our orders came within 10 minutes.

This was the Basil Rice with Beef option. Part of the "Aromatic Rice" options, it comes with an egg and is priced at $13.90 (excluding GST and service charge).

Infused with small chili padi and a thick sweet sauce, the flavours for this dish were intense, although a tad salty. The beef was tender and not overcooked, resulting in a pleasant palate. However, the egg was dripping with oil and dark at the edges, indicating the use of old oil to fry it.

This was the Green Curry Seafood with Rice, part of the "Aromatic Rice" list. Priced at $11.90 (excluding GST and service charge) for the Chicken version, a top-up of an additional $2 is required for the Seafood version, i.e. $13.90.

The Rice was a regular sized portion, about fist-sized. On the white plate, the pickled vegetables looked really sparse - with a thin strip of cucumber, some cauliflower and a single slice of carrot. The curry was really mini. Here's the size compared to the spoon that was part of the cutlery set provided with the meal.

As it can be seen from this angle, the width of the pot was barely bigger than the small head of cauliflower and could not even accommodate the spoon provided. With a price of $13.90, it was hardly any value for the price.

The curry was thick and aromatic. However, there was a sweet aftertaste, indicating the use of excessive sweetener, which did not taste natural. Despite the small size, the portions of seafood were somewhat adequate with 2-3 pieces each of cuttlefish, shrimps and fish slices.

All-in-all, it was a meal which was not worth its price, especially with the staff's unpleasant responses to the promotion. (See "Misleading Promotion, Unpleasant Staff")