Insadong Korea Town - One Stop Korean Cuisine

Resorts World Sentosa
South, Singapore

After a hot and humid day, the Iced Honey Citron Tea is a welcome option. Faintly sour just to give the zest of citron (yuzu), the honey leaves a lingering sweet aftertaste.
Adorable face masks and bright colourful drawings adorn the pillars and walls to welcome diners into the friendly and well-lit restaurant...
Cosy layout of the eatery...
Kimchi Pajeong is a pancake-like Korean dish made from a batter of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, green onions, and often other additional ingredients depending on the variety. In this case, the kimchi adds a touch of spiciness and removes a little of the normal oil taste.

For a carbo load, Toppoki rice cakes are a good option, especially when ladled with the typical kimchi-based sauce.

Insadong adds a local touch to the Korean dish of Ginseng Chicken Soup by adding wolfberries and chili slices. According to the owner, it took her quite a lot of convincing the Korean chefs for this move, but one in which she believes is necessary to acclimatize the dish to local tastes. Kudos!

Order kiosks with menus available in a variety of languages...

Bossam is marinated steamed pork, served with salad, kimchi, garlic and chili sauce. Due to the unique process of marinades and steaming, there is hardly any pork taste to the steamed meat. Wrap it in the cabbage and kimchi for a nice crunchy roll.

Traditionally from China, the spread of the Chinese cuisine extended to Korea due to its close proximity with Chinese border towns. In Korea, Xiao Long Baos are served steamed and in the Kimchi Soup fusion version.

The Pumpkin Spaghetti is cooked with a measure of cream sauce, preventing the excessiveness of the rich pumpkin taste. Definitely a dish that would not be out of place in an Italian restaurant as an antipasti.

Collection points at the end of the food hall denoting the type of cuisine for easy collection...
Another Italian touch is added with the introduction of the Cheese Baked Rice. With tender beef bulgogi slices, the Korean flavour is distinct and decidedly tasty.

A variety of other meats are available on the rotisserie counter...
Watermelon Soju is served with scooped out chilled water melon doused with a bottle of soju. Despite the high alcoholic content, the huge portion of watermelon ensures that it's not too heavy for non-drinkers.

When the Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot arrived, the ingredients were piled so high on an almost flat pan that it was impossible to stir or cook anything without dropping anything else. Fortunately, with the expertise exhibited by the Korean chef, the delicious dish was cooked just right.

To end off the meal, opt for a Mixed Fruits Shaved Ice (similar to an Ice Kachang loaded with fresh seasonal fruits) or a fragrant Red Bean Pancake.

Alternatively, savour the sweetness of a huge JCone ice cream...
Pose with one and you're bound to attract looks of envy!

Thank you for the Food Tasting!