Ben & Jerry's - ChunkFest 2014

Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest is back for the seventh year - this time at the picturesque Gardens by the Bay.

For the first time, ChunkFest 2014 will feature Sundae School as part of Ben & Jerry’s global Join Our Core initiative to empower the next generation of ethical business minds. A carnival of local social innovation heroes from various fields will be featured sharing stories that will inspire, entertain and get attendees thinking outside the daily grind - all over a scoop of ice cream.

Enjoy an ice cream picnic at The Meadows with a smorgasboard of 20 flavours - taste the newly launched Cores ice cream, exclusive flavours brought in from US for ChunkFest only and some of Singapore favourites. There will also be games, live music, and a moovie screening under the stars.

For more information, visit the Ben & Jerry Singapore or ChunkFest 2014 on Facebook.