Fullerton Heritage Guided Tour

Raffles Place
South, Singapore
March 2013
As part of its commitment towards showcasing the unique history of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, a complimentary Fullerton Heritage Guided Tour is offered to in-residence guests of The Fullerton Hotel and its sister hotel, The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore.
Merlion Wayfarer was privileged to be on one such tour one bright Saturday morning.
Her tour guide for the day was Florence, an experienced guide with a sunny disposition. She began the tour with some riddles:
  • "If you throw a stone anywhere near the Singapore River, chances are that you will hit someone with this occupation. What is it?"
  • "How many keys (quays) are required to unlock the Singapore River?"
  • "What is a bank without water?"
The first stop was at the Singapore River. Merlion Wayfarer was left wondering, why exit the hotel for a "Fullerton Hotel" Heritage Tour?
Well, she learnt how the history of the river and its surrounds influenced the history of the hotel.
Florence enthusiastically explains the history behind the Singapore River
with a collection of ancient photographs... 

When the tour group re-entered the hotel, she was then regaled with tales of the Fullerton's past.
And of course, Merlion Wayfarer was sidetracked by all the delicious cakes and mouthwatering candies (Giant Meringues at S$4!) at The Courtyard...


The full album is available at:
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