S-One Expo Stuttgart - Gingerbread Workshop

S-One Expo Stuttgart
Marina At Keppel Bay
South, Singapore
November 2012

Gingerbread became popular in Germany after the Brothers Grimm published their fairy tale collection which included Hansel and Gretel. In the fifteenth century, it was baked in government-recognized guilds. The most famous of which was found in Nuremburg. It was renown for its elaborate and detailed craftsmanship.

With a decoration like the Gingerbread House in Hansel and Gretel and tasty Gingerbread hearts on all the walls, this booth is easily the most appetizing!

Kunibert, the owner at the workshop, explains the process of baking gingerbread and
how to create decorations with the coloured icing sugar in the nozzles...

Waeja, the lady owner, is always there when you need help, and willingly steps forward with a friendly smile on her face. She offers a curious Merlion Wayfarer a gingerbread heart for decorating - Thank you!

Participants were given nozzles of coloured icing sugar to decorate their gingerbread hearts. Stop stop, Kunibert said. If you don't use squeeze the nozzle correctly, it will jam the flow of the icing sugar! Do you want others to not have any working nozzles left? Oh is it, ooops! It was certainly not easy to use the nozzle in the correct way especially as it emptied. Well, after a few more tries, Merlion Wayfarer managed it. After all, she had lots of experiencing squeezing Colgate toothpaste tubes to brush her teeth daily!

It took about 15 minutes to ink the words clearly on the crust, and another two hours for the sugar to dry...

Waeja shared a bit of history about Gingerbread Hearts (Lebkuchenherzen). They are usually hung from ribbons and carry heartfelt sayings in the centre. To be given to lovers, friends, or family to express one's feelings, they are decorated with messages of love -  "I love you" (Ich liebe Dich), "You're my sweetheart" (Du bist mein su├čes Herzchen) and "I think only of you" (Ich denke nur noch an Dich).

The gingerbread heart will then be packed in a cellophane wrap, punched with two holes and threaded with a colourful ribbon. The scores of decorated hearts, each with a message for a special someone...

The full album is available at:
Merlion Wayfarer's Picasa (Events - S-One Expo Stuttgart)