Parklane Wantan Mee - MSG-Laden Disappointment

After a gap of several years, Merlion Wayfarer visited this famous wantan mee stall again. Surprisingly, despite its fame, its two units at Sunshine Plaza were relatively empty at lunch.

Orders were placed with an employee who shouts it across to the other unit in a jarringly loud voice. In the meantime, rest on the simple stackable stools in the no frills dining area.

The plating was simple. This half-palm sized portion was "Regular" and consisted of char siew, fried wantan and some green vegetables. In a separate small bowl, there were some mini steamed wantan swimming inside. Priced at an above-average price of S$4.50, the noodle portion was sparse and char siew so dry that you either need to soak it in the dark sauce longer or eat it accompanied by green chili. Noodles were springy, and that was about the only saving grace.

For hungrier diners, the Large size costs slightly more at S$5.50. Merlion Wayfarer recommends you skip the soup as it leaves a very strong aftertaste and is laden with MSG.

If you have a strong desire for soup, the Shrimp Dumpling Soup can be considered. Priced at S$5.00, it comes with 6 dumplings and green vegetables. Definitely more princely than other similar soups elsewhere.

Even before the meal is done, the employee will be back to collect money. Orders may be taken at separate tables but she will demand that all to pay in one bill, despite requests to have separate table billing. She was back again for payment when she missed out one order. Definitively not a place to come by in big groups unless all have a craving for some basic no frills noodles.