NANTA (Cookin') - Korea's #1 Show Back In Singapore

Washing vegetables, carrying meat loafs, setting fire, cooks at NANTA (COOKIN') kitchen are about to begin their busy job as always, when the ill-natured manager brings in his little nephew to let him learn to cook. The manager then springs a surprise on the chefs that they have to prepare for a wedding reception, which is happening that very evening. The theatre is thrown into an explosive performance as aromatic smells of foods fills the kitchen and the chefs race against time to pull together a wedding banquet. Will the chefs complete the wedding banquet in time?

NANTA (COOKIN') is a comic musical non-verbal performance derived from the traditional Korean instrumental performance, "Samulnori". Yet, instead of performing Samulnori the traditional way with four instruments, the producers of the show provided an opportunity for the international audience to experience not only the uniqueness of Korean traditional rhythm and beats, but also become familiar with the elements by combining rhythms from Korean folk music with modern musical forms. With the kitchen as its backdrop, chefs as its main characters, knives and other kitchen utensils are transformed into musical instruments as they thrill the audience with acrobatic cooking moves to prepare for a surprise wedding ceremony. 

NANTA (Cookin') will be performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore from 3-5 June 2016. For more information, visit