Build Amazing Startups Here at JTC LaunchPad

As part of an official invite, Merlion Wayfarer recently had the opportunity to visit BASH recently.

Located at Block 79 JTC LaunchPad @ one-north, BASH (Build Amazing Startups Here), an initiative driven by Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL), the investment arm of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), is Singapore’s biggest integrated startup space with the capability of congregating members and partners of the tech building community across the entire value chain - from accelerators, investors, incubators to entrepreneurs - all under one roof. 

"We find sometimes that if there is too much separatism - too many silos - then some of these ideas get locked up, so our goal is to bring it all together in one space, throw a few parties, and see how things go. that can happen. The whole idea is, the more things we can put in one spot, the more things that can happen. The best part about BASH is that it brings all of these things together in one space, that is, we have great mentors, great tools, great investors."
- Steve Leonard, IDA Executive Deputy Chairman and Chairman of IIPL -

BASH aims to do this through three ways: 

The first is in the providing of the infrastructure and facilities needed by startups. By providing basics like desks, meeting rooms and communication facilities, these tech start-ups can now focus more on building global companies rather than figuring out the non-core business functions like rentals and space upkeep.

To facilitate this, IIPL has created 5 themed zones, Brewery, Hatchery, Factory, Chill and Mission Control that serve a different purpose in the startup journey:
  • "Brewery" is an event area that supports community building activities that can drive vibrancy in the startup scene.
This place is so "happening" that 3 consecutive events were held here in the space of 4 hours!
  • "Hatchery" is designed to support IIPL’s accelerator programmes. Multiple programmes can run concurrently. While undergoing acceleration, startups can develop and fine tune their product market fit in preparation for fund raising.

That's the number of mentors available within easy reach to help the start-ups. Impressive!
  • "Factory" is an area meant for startups that have graduated from accelerator programmes to continue staying with BASH a while longer to further develop their products or gain market traction, while continuing to receive assistance from BASH.
Conducive workspaces all around. This place is even open 24 hours throughout the weekend!
  • "Chill" for startups and ecosystem partners to meet and mingle.
Chill and mingle here, if food inspires you... Or stand up working to lose those extra calories...

Freeflow ice cream at lunch, and... a hot meals vending machine for those late nights...

London-style phone booths for that much of added privacy for those all-important conversations.
And who needs grass when there's greenery in the office to rest those tired eyes?
  • "Mission Control" houses IIPL operations and core infrastructure supporting BASH.

With the integration of acceleration and incubation features within the space, start-ups came now tap on the ready expertise provided by mentors onsite and within easy reach. America-based Plug And Play and European accelerator Startupbootcamp FinTech are currently working with startups here. Local SPH Plug and Play - a venture between the local media giant Singapore Press Holdings, Plug and Play from Silicon Valley and IIPL - also offers a series of accelerator programmes for media start-ups. 

Enough space here to do your 10m shuttle run...
or play a game to whack your business "competitor"..

The third broad stroke will be the creation of a community. What this entails is pretty self-explanatory, BASH says that it will allow for its startups to participate in various networking events as well as facilitate other events in the space to provide its startups with a wider network.

"As part of Singapore’s journey to be a Smart Nation, we are also working on some really tough global challenges brought on by the inevitable trends of aging population and urban density. That’s the purpose of having BASH, the go-to-place for tech builders, investors and innovators to do more great things together."
- Steve Leonard -

We agree, Steve! Some of the entrepreneurs we talked to were honoured to be selected to come to Singapore as part of the global accelerator program and are really enthusiastic to contribute their ideas to make Singapore a Smart Nation and a better place for all of us. Keep it up, everyone!