Suvai 2015 - Taste The Flavours Of Indian Gourmet Food

Last weekend, SUVAI 2015 was held at Tan Quee Lan Street. Pronounced "soo-vai", SUVAI means to "taste the flavours" in Tamil.

Sheltered marquee conveniently located right in the heart of town...

Top chefs are profiled in this event... 

Indian cuisine in all its exciting colours and tastes was experienced in this one-of-a-kind gourmet festival. Nine top chefs combine traditional and fusion flavours into 27 delectable Indian inspired dishes from just $4 each.

This is the section where the Masterclasses and Cooking Challenges are held...

The host of exciting programs ranged from Guinness World Record Attempts to Live Puppet Shows and Free Masterclasses by culinary masters.

Stage area where the performers will be performing...


Comfortable environment with both cocktail tables and benches.
The background music is jazzy and upbeat...

Chef Devagi Sanmugam (Singapore)

(Source : Suvai 2015)

"I am happy to be part of Suvai 2015 because it is one of a kind dining experience that doesn’t come by throughout the year; it is a chance for me to showcase my expertise and a place for me to unwind and meet people from all walks of life and finally I get to taste the food of all the other celebrities under one roof!"

For this event, Chef Devagi prepared the following 3 delicacies:
  1. The Explosion
    Chaat meets Kueh Pie Tee! Velvety masala potatoes, mint and tamarind chutney served in a crispy pie tee shell topped with fresh pomegranate for a burst of sweetness

  2. Hot Indian Chick
    Masala chicken sliders with sweet apple chutney, spicy green chilli and tangy achar, served with turmeric plantain chips
  3. Saffron Puffs
    Airy, crisp saffron donuts served with a salted cardamom caramelised jaggery sauce. Served in pairs.


Chef Dhaithya Krawage (Sri Lanka)

(Source : Suvai 2015)

"I really wanted the participating guests to get really authentic Sri Lankan meal representing the various regions of the island. It's a rich traditional meal which could use for any special occasions."

For this event, Chef Irfan prepared the following 3 delicacies:
  1. Calamari Lotus Chip Salad
  2. Rolled Sweet Coconut Pancakes
  3. Eggplant curry with Ragi Roti

Chef Irfan Pabaney (India)

(Source : Suvai 2015)

"Great food never tastes like its trying too hard."

For this event, Chef Irfan prepared the following 3 delicacies:
  1. Crispy Chicken Tenders:
    Crispy chicken tenders with curry leaf, sweet paprika and mustard mayo
  2. JalapeƱo & Mint Chicken:
    Grilled chicken dressed with jalapeno, mint, coriander and lime served with Cajun spiced potatoes
  3. Mango & Malibu Tiramisu:
    Coconut rum infused ladyfingers with mascarpone and fresh mangoes

Chef John See (Singapore)

(Source : Suvai 2015)

"Cooking is a happy process where we all gather to a point to enjoy. Food is a connector of all people. It is a great blessing for me to be able to cook for all."

For this event, Chef John prepared the following 3 delicacies:
  1. Curry Fish Head Noodles:
    Spicy Curry Fish Head served with vegetable oil pasta
  2. Indian Spiced Wings:
    Double Cooked Indian Spiced Lemon Yoghurt Chicken Wings
  3. Spiced Chocolate Cake with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Chef Jonathan Lee (Singapore)

(Source : Suvai 2015)

"Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour - William Cowper
I couldn't agree more with this quote; in my style of cooking I love using a range of spices to infuse flavour into various dishes. My love for Indian cuisine stems from the layers and complexity of flavours within a simple and humble dish. I see the Indian cuisine as one which is grand and vibrant."

For this event, Chef Jonathan prepared the following 3 delicacies:
  1. Aloo Gobi Sabbich:
    Fried cauliflower, potato hummus, "aloo Gobi" mayonnaise, herbs, pita pocket

  2. Mysore Lamb Ribs:
    Charcoal grilled ribs, spiced gravy, herb salad

  3. Masala Tea Slushie:
    Frozen Chai Slushie with Coconut Ice Cream

Masala Tea Slushie

This is ice-blended milk tea sprinkled with brown Masala powder to add that Oomph! to the taste. The coconut ice cream enhances the texture with a smooth creamy topping.

Chef K Damodharan (India)

(Source : Suvai 2015)

"I'm so proud to be a part of Suvai once again, to share my food and passion and to spend time with so many talented chefs from around Asia. Its a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Indian food!"

For this event, Chef Damu prepared the following 3 delicacies:
  1. Lamb Moonthiri Varuvall:
    Mutton and cashew nuts with dried chilli, stir fried to charred perfection. This particular dish is more than 500 years old.

  2. Damu's Chicken Briyani:
    A traditional dum briyani made with special grain called Jeegaru Samba which gives the dish its signature sticky texture.

  3. Paal Kozhakattai:
    Pal Kozhakattai is traditional dessert in Chettinad of rice flour, panneer and sweetened coconut milk, topped with cardamom powder, almonds and saffron.


Chef Sultanul Arfin (Singapore)

(Source : Suvai 2015)

"Cooking is in my blood. I think events like SUVAI help to inspire the next generation of chefs and bring our local indian culinary scene to the next level. Whether it is traditional or modern we need to create opportunities for our local chefs and I'm happy to be a part of it."

For this event, Chef Arfin prepared the following 3 delicacies:
  1. Mee Goreng Mamak:
    Classic Singaporean dish with minced mutton, egg and vegetables stir fried in a tangy, spicy sambal
  2. Saffron Tulang:
    The Indian answer to chilli crab! Bone marrow slow cooked in broth of 15 special spices and served with a spicy gravy.

  3. Roti John:
    Fresh baguette pan fried on a hot plate with egg and minced meat (mutton or chicken).
(The Saffron Tulang is the dark orange dish in the middle of the frame.)

Saffron Tulang

This is (really huge) mutton bones simmered over a long time in a spicy gravy. The result is tender mutton with zero mutton taste melted into the thick rich broth. To savour the flavours, it is recommended that the essence be "sucked" out of the bones. Chef Arfin thoughtfully created a break in the bottom of each bone for air to enter so that that can be achieved more easily.

Chef Thanyadar Suteedechanon (Thailand)

(Source : Suvai 2015)

"The vibrancy of Indian food is so inspiring! It was a great joy to draw inspiration from such a diverse culture and incorporate it into Thai cuisine. I hope everyone enjoys what I have created!"

For this event, Chef Thanyadar prepared the following 3 delicacies:
  1. Larb Moo : Spicy Minced Pork Salad served on a crispy pappadam
  2. Masala Fried Rice : Garam Masala Tom Yam Fried Rice with fresh prawns
  3. Jaggery Lod Chong:
    A traditional classic Thai dessert of green noodles made from flour and pandan leaves and eaten with a ladle of sweet coconut milk

Chef Vikeneswaran (Singapore)

(Source : Suvai 2015)

"I have a real passion for great food and who enjoys cooking mouth-watering dishes. I get such a buzz out of working in a busy kitchen, and great pleasure out of seeing happy faces enjoying a good meal that I’ve cooked."


For this event, Chef Vik prepared the following 3 delicacies:
  1. Potato & Paneer Croquette with Spinach Puree
  2. Tandoori Baked Snapper with Potato Puree and Pickled Cucumber
  3. Payasam Pannacotta:  Payasam infused panna cotta with frozen berries and meringue

Tandoori Baked Snapper

There is a variety of combination of tastes in this flavoursome dish. First, the Tandoori Snapper. Tandoori is a mixture of spices (e.g. cinnamon, peppercorn, cumin) specifically for use with a tandoor, or clay oven, in traditional north Indian and Pakistani cooking. The baking results in a moisture-retained fillet doused with the fragrance of the mix. Flip it up and there is a surprising blended mint mix beneath it. The Potato Puree is smooth and creamy. The Pickled Cucumber gives a light crunch touch to end it off.

Thank you, Suvai...