Night Safari - Embark On Your Mystica Quest

Night Safari
North, Singapore
November 2014

For eons, humans and animals have lived in harmony sharing Mother Nature's bounties. With progress, mankind evolved to embrace wasteful and destructive ways of life that began to take their toll on Mother Earth. Habitats were destroyed, forcing animals to seek a new place to call home.

Many perished, but a handful found refuge in a wondrous healing island of everlasting night, MYSTICA.

Begin your journey at the entrance to the wilderness wonderland...

Visitors to Night Safari will step into a wonderland of dazzling lights as they enter the park. There, they will be met by the mysterious and magical Island Keeper, who will encourage them to go on a Mystica Quest which will have them navigating challenges and solving puzzles to collect wristbands. Along the way, curious creatures will guide them. Be prepared to come face to face with the Ravishing Raven, the most divine of the Mystica inhabitants; the ebullient Jumparoo, with his springy dance steps; and the scintillating Slithery Snake, with her shimmery moves. 

Throughout the quest through the mysterious land, 
be surprised by the host of characters that greet and help you along...

When visitors have collected all the multi-coloured wristbands and completed their Mystica Quest, they will be rewarded with a sparkly surprise. The first 200 guests who do so every event night will receive a glittery gift.

Have a brief stopover at Zebra Cafe for a meal or some snacks...

And of course, the real cats in the wilderness - the shy fishing cat...

And take home a souvenir or two to remember this mystical experience...


Dates:           21, 22, 28, 29 Nov and 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 Dec (Fri and Sat)

Time:            1730-2200 hours

Venue:          Night Safari (start your quest at the Entrance Plaza)

Fee:             Festivities at the entrance are free
                   The usual admission of $39 (adult) and $25 (child 3-12 years) applies

Tertiary students 17 years and above enjoy four adult admission tickets for the price of three for onsite purchases only. Other terms and conditions apply. More details are available at  

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This blog post is replicated from Merlion Wayfarer Goes Green.