Qantas Australian Rugby 7s Players Join SportCares Youths In A Cultural Sporting Exchange

Four members of the Qantas Australian Men’s Rugby Sevens team, who arrived yesterday for this weekend’s Singapore Sevens, took time out of their training schedule this afternoon to participate in a unique sporting cultural exchange with 13 local youth from the SportCares Foundation at The Float @ Marina Bay.

A warm welcome from the personable and friendly Simon Smith to all the SportCares youths...

Nick Malouf, James Stannard, Charlie Taylor and Henry Hutchison, four key members of the Australian national rugby seven’s team that is currently placed 6th in the HSBC Sevens World Series, introduced the basics of their sport to the group of 14 to 19 year-olds. The players shared ball passing technique, demonstrated how to form a scrum, and explained what a line-out was. 

In return, the teenagers taught the players the essence of the game of chapteh – a traditional game popular in Southeast Asia where one, or a team, tries to keep a weighted shuttlecock in the air for as long as possible.

"We are delighted to be working with SportCares today, which gave our Rugby Sevens players an opportunity to share their love and passion for the game and also learn about chapteh from such a motivated group  of young Singaporeans."
--- Benjamin Tan, Senior Vice President (Asia and Papua New Guinea) for Qantas ---

"The session today was an invaluable experience for our SportCares youth to learn not just about rugby from the very best professional athletes in the world, but life values such as teamwork and integrity that are largely associated with the sport."
--- Kerk Kim Por, Director, SportCares Foundation ---

"It was also great for the youth to take on the leadership role to teach these athletes a thing or two about our local culture through the sport of chapteh, which they can take back home to Australia."
--- Kerk Kim Por, Director, SportCares Foundation ---

"It was really enjoyable! The four of us came down here not knowing what to expect, and the kids really put on a show and taught us some tricks of their own local game. There’s also a few natural athletes out there – some pretty quick kids, some good hand-eye skills. With a little more training, they can definitely forces to be reckoned with."
--- Henry Hutchison, Australian Rugby 7s Team ---

Under the experienced guidance of ice-cream master, Uncle Chieng,
Nick tries his hand at making an ice cream wafer...

Nick deep in concentration...

Nothing beats a cold dessert in sunny Singapore...

"I had a wonderful time today, it was my first time trying rugby. I play a lot of football and so am used to running around a big pitch like this, but it is very different with rugby as you have to use your hands as well as your feet and there is restriction in terms of where you can pass the ball to. Thank you Qantas and SportCares for organising this, as for me, it is always great to learn something new, especially when it is to do with sport!"
--- Dinie Irfan, SportCares Xerox United Football Team ---

Distributing giftpacks to remember the encounter...

Qantas has been the Official Airline of the Australian Rugby Union for over 25 years and naming rights partner of the Australian Men’s and Women’s sevens teams since 2012 This weekend, Singapore will once again host the only stop of the HSBC Sevens World Series in South-East Asia at the Singapore Sports Hub. Refer to for details.