Orange Ribbon Run 2016 - Building Deeper Harmony

The kaleidoscope of cultures is the very fabric of multi-racial Singapore society. Addressing both the uniqueness and the challenges simultaneously, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, in his National Day Rally 2016 speech, stressed that residents in Singapore need to stand together for the success of the nation now and always. With ongoing global threats of extremism, this year's Orange Ribbon Run takes special meaning as it reinforces the message of the need to 'stand as one united people".

Organised by, the Orange Ribbon Run 2016 – Race Against Racism saw over 6,000 participants and 200 volunteers from all walks of life participating in the movement to show their resounding support for anti-racism.

Showcasing a fine example of the mixed Straits Chinese heritage are representatives from The Intan, a private museum showcasing the history, traditions and lifestyle of Peranakans in Singapore...

The Orange Ribbon Run 2016 , held at Bayfront Event Space, next to Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on 10 September 2016, was graced by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister & Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies as Guest of Honour. The Orange Ribbon Run seeks to make a stand against racism and promote values of respect, understanding and trust in forging deeper inter-ethnic relations. 

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"Multi-racialism matters more to Singapore than anything else.
We have to protect it, love it and deepen it in our next 50 years."
-- DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam --

Before he flagged off the 3.5km walk at 6.30pm, the walk participants joined him in the pledge recital.  Ikhsan Fandi, representing Home United Football Club as one of 5 ambassadors of the Orange Ribbon Run 2016, also took the pledge on stage.

Adorable mascots charming the young ones include a leopard, a lion and an eagle...

“The Orange Ribbon Run gives participants an opportunity to be active for a cause, to lend support to the mission of in building a movement to build deeper harmony in Singapore, and to stand for universal values of humanity, trust and respect for each other.”
-- Dr Janil Puthucheary, Chairman, --

Race participants were from different races and different cultures...

Through this event, participants speak up and stand in unity against racial prejudice and discrimination. As part of the Orange Ribbon Run, thousands have come forward to share personal messages on the need to go beyond surface levels in building deeper harmony. 

“All human beings are the same.
Why should we segregate ourselves because of race or colour?”
-- Terence Chua, first-time participant --

About is the ground-up national body championing multi-racialism in Singapore. The initiatives under aim to create an environment that facilitates deeper interaction and better understanding between individuals and communities, fostering a stronger sense of identity and building a more resilient social fabric.

Spreading the message with balloons...

Each year, organises the Race Against Racism to rally the community in one voice. The movement is a signature effort by to provide an avenue for Singaporeans and residents here to express shared values and take a stand against racism. endeavours to reach out to every social stratum in Singapore to bring people together in respect and understanding.

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